Sunday, December 20, 2009

maybe this Christmas...

maybe this Christmas under my tree
I'll find the letters she never sent to me
and she'll tell me all the reasons she couldn't tell me before
and maybe this Christmas I wont wonder why any more
maybe this Christmas snow just might fall
and I might find the courage to make that telephone call
and I just might tell her the things I never did say
and maybe this Christmas things just might go my way
maybe this Christmas under twinkling lights
I'll find a sweet angel to get me through this night
she'll cover me with kisses that will help me forget
I've gathered up all the miseltoe but haven't hung it up yet
maybe this Christmas when the candles have gone out
I'll run away where I'll never be found
where Christmas wishes come true for everyone
and maybe this christmas my ramblin' days will be done


Chef E said...

You write so beautifully...and you wear that scarf beautifully as well...

Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

Estoy al lado del Atlántico, en Asturias...otra vez...

Y por qué no esta Navidad, Dash?...
Te deseo lo mejor

Inna said...