Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Hunt Has Begun

 The Hunt Has Begun
"Dragon Song"
Victor Vogt

Let the ringing of bells draw them dragons near
Be true to your dream and live without fear
Sharpen your blades and wipe down your spear
The tales of the hunt - will not soon disappear...

Make your soul fire and your spirit steel
The hour of the hero will soon be revealed
Strap on your boots and your amour and shield
The hopes of our fathers - we will not yield...

The sun is hiding - behind  dragon clouds
The breath of the beast is all around
From outside the walls comes a terrible sound
But no sign of despair - in the legion is found...

All we can carry is all we shall take
Leave behind young maidens whose hearts we will break
And look not behind you - the old world we forsake
Out of the fire - a new kingdom we’ll make...

The brave and the strong march with honor and pride
Past the weak and the hungry with no place to hide
Let the banners  fly and the cavalry ride
With the strength of truth - steady at your side...

My quiver is full and my bow has been strung
Let loose the hounds - free them to run
Let the trumpets blow - let boys beat on the drum
We’ve painted our faces - and the hunt has begun...
G. M. Richards
"Idylls of The King"

Thursday, May 28, 2015

How I rebel against the modern world...

The modern world is a fucking disaster - I look around and I see misery, anxiety, fear, anger... division... and hatred... the modern world and its new normal... good and beauty is bad - evil and ugly is good... you fucking fell for that shit... you abandoned tradition for this bullshit... well you can keep it - because when I look around in my travels and see happy people... they definitely are not part of the modern world... traditional  old fashioned men and women of strong morals and values... I see, are happy well adjusted people... they have not fallen for the con game being sold by the media... by these pundits of the modern world... you keep  your bullshit thank you - I am opting out... 

How I rebel against the modern world:

 - I wear suits several times a week, though I don’t have to -  because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I open doors for women and hold them open, though they may hate it - because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I seek out male only spaces, barber shops and pubs... and pool halls - because that is the world I want to live in.

 - Sometimes, I just go to the barbers for a trim and a shave... and a shoe shine - because that is the world I want to live in.

 - Sometimes, I go to the horse track  - or the dog track (in a suit) just to hear the thunder... because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I hang out in underground dens and parlors - where men can be men... where the people that work and gather in them know more about the world and it’s workings than the sheep on the outside - because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I go for long walks - in cities and in nature, because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I travel by train when at all possible, because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I go camping and hiking and sailing when I can, alone... for lack of friends that enjoy the things I do, because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I collect books and stamps and old photographs, because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I write and compose and draw and offer no explanations or excuses for it - because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I cook, I clean, I iron... or pay a woman to come to my home and do it all for me - because that is the world I want to live in...

 - I do not use a cell phone - my phone conversations are of actual importance and the world does not need to know about it... because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I tip generously - because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I exercise... for obvious reasons, because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I live a simple life with little material possessions and uncomplicated distractions, because that is the world I want to live in.
 - I prefer to court women... in a traditional old fashioned way... because that is the world I want to live in... but... I have been known to use many a modern girl like a whore and forget about her... for I will treat ladies like ladies... and whores like whores... because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I believe in traditional families and in Christian morals and values... and I acknowledge and respect it when I come across it, because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I believe in honor and dignity... and I acknowledge and respect it when I come across it, because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I enjoy and admire feminine, gentle, kind, simple uncomplicated traditionally minded women... and I acknowledge and respect them when I come across them... because that is the world I want to live in.

 - I give thanks and am grateful for the things I have... I find that when I focus on the things I want and the people I wish to surround myself with... I find it... and I am grateful for it... and the more I acknowledge and give thanks for these things and the people... I see and am surrounded by more if it... I don’t know how it works... I don’t know why it works... I simple only know that it does work... sometimes the modern world overwhelms me... but the flow shifts and I am back on top... in the world I wish to live in...

 - I believe in “the Golden Rule” - and I try hard to live by it... but sometimes... just some times...  I have to kick a man in the dick - I have never... ever, started a fight... and I don’t get involved in other peoples problems.... and I don’t give a damn about the way you live your life... don’t tell me how to live mine... you do you - I’ll do me... because that is the world I want to live in...

when fathers ruled the world
don't try to convince me that the modern family is more
 appealing than this image here...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dash Deringer - on being prepared...

“Be Prepared” - it is the Boy Scout moto - and it is great advice... are you prepared?  Do you have a plan - a just in case plan... just in case I get laid off... just in case I laugh at the wrong joke and some miserable do-gooder gets me fired... just in case my home burns down or my neighborhood needs to be evacuated... just in case of some natural disaster... just in case society falls apart - the economy collapses... the socialist come marching down the street to round up those who hold a different opinion... just in case... just in case - are you prepared?

Just in case - do you have food and water stored to get you through tough times.
Just in case - do you have an emergency kit.
Just in case - is your home secure - do you have the means to protect yourself and your family.
Just in case - is there enough money in the bank - and if you can’t get to it, is there enough money at home.
Just in case - you have to secure in place - do you have all you need without having to leave your home.
Just in case - you have to run - do you have a place to go and the means to get there - and do you have the supplies you will need to sustain you until you reach your destination.
Just in case - do your children know the plan... does your spouse... do your parents... just in case.

I keep a ruck sack pre-loaded ready to go hiking and every time I return from a hike I restock my supplies - just in case.  In my closet I keep packed zip-lock bags - one with undershorts, one with socks and I have a larger plastic bag with extra shirts and an extra pair of pants - all ready to be thrown into my ready ruck sack - I always carry a small pencil bag that contains a tooth brush, tooth paste, an eye glass repair kit, floss, and a razor - just in case - because one never knows where you’ll wake up... this little case moves easily from my rucksack to my shoulder bag to my suitcase... I can carry it in my breast pocket of my suit jacket... just in case... I always carry a couple of pocket knives with me - everywhere... and I keep a small flash-light on my key chain - with a flash drive containing what is important to me - just in case... I keep an emergency kit in my ruck - but I also keep one in every bag I have - just in case

When I travel - I never unpack - I prefer to travel with a ruck sack only and maybe a duffel bag as well sometimes - I prefer to travel as light as I can but... sometimes... my load gets heavy... but I never unpack and only hang up my suits and coats... usually I will travel with two suits - dark - suits I can mix and match...

When traveling - I always take a tarp - just in case... duct tape, chord, clip binders (handy little fuckers), head lamp and flash light, multi tool and my knives, I keep a little note book with check lists for all my stuff - and I always check and re-check it - like Santa - before during and after packing - this is of course only when there is no rush - but when I have to get out in a hurry - and it actually happens more than you would think - I just grab my bag - which is never unpacked and get the hell out - what I leave behind can be replaced... I also - of course, keep either a small container or zip bag with food and snacks in my ruck or duffel...

I know what it is like to be out of work for a long time and I know what it feels like to run out of food and money... it is not a good feeling - when you’ve eaten your last can of tuna and you’ve spent your last dollar... and the desperation sets in... I keep my pantry stocked... I could last for at least three or four months without leaving my place in Texas if I had to lock down - in Mexico - much longer... simple plan: rice, beans, noodles, tuna, spam, canned soups, sausages, and jerky - salt, sugar, pepper, and spices - olive oil - nuts, seeds, and dried fruit - water... lots of water... make sure you have plenty of cleaning supplies - detergent and bleach... and for the love of God... personal hygiene products -  fill up every empty space with rolls of toilet paper... keep lots of hand sanitizer and paper plates with disposable forks and spoons - just in case... don’t waste water washing dishes... candles - lots and lots of candles - have a way of collecting rain water and a way of burning your garbage... If I am away from my home - say I am with family and something terrible happens and we either have to lock down or bug out... I will leave my family and pretty much any one else I may be with at that time - I would go on my own and either try to get back to my place or get to my safety base - others would slow me down - and if they have no plan or are not prepared...they will be worthless to me -  if my family comes along it is fine with me... but they wont... if they did not take my advice on prepping - they are on their own... if they happen to be at my place when we have to lock down... I might just take what I need and get the fuck out of my own place and get to my base - yeah... I would leave them everything and get the fuck out - for the record... my family has absolutely no respect for me  - for whatever reason - (that is the first time I have ever admitted this to the world)... it is something I have come to terms with and I just don’t care anymore... I love them... but I am better off alone... and yes... if you’re not clan - you would get turned away... this is the first time I have ever spoken about being prepared... it just make sense... I don’t care if you have a plan or not - it is of no concern to me...

Keep a low profile - do not tell people you are prepared - do not tell people you have a plan - do not tell people you have food... just don’t... be prepared - but keep it to yourself - you’ll thank me for it... “but Dash... you just told us you have a plan... you just told us you are prepared...”  yeah... I did... try to find me... and my stash.
A Huntsman With Dogs
Winslow Homer

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dash Deringer - solitary nature boy

I never know when the urge to wander will come upon me... the need to travel and explore, to find new places, new people, new experiences... to learn... to grow... to just escape from the world tumbling into chaos and center myself... as I have said before - the world drains me of positive energy...  I think the reason why all the do-gooders in this world are such a miserable bunch is because they know that they have been sold a pile of bullshit - and they fell for the con... and they just wont be happy until the rest of us are as miserable as they are... seriously... know any of them that aren’t on prescribes medication... or self medicated - drugs, liqueur... they are angry miserable, ugly people... and they help to drain me... yes... even though I don’t give a fuck about much in this world these days... the world manages to drain me... it is a shame - because it really is a nice world... but it’s filled with idiots... but thankfully - there are mountains and valleys and forests and beaches and the sea... where idiots do not go...

And that is where I go to shake the foul stench of political correctness off me and cleanse my soul... in the places where men belong...   

I pull on my boots and sling my ruck sack over my shoulder... my provisions are really quite simple - rope, various types of chord, carabiners, a couple of good knives - a multi-tool in my pocket, my first aid kit, a fire kit, containers of water and a bag or a container of food - usually sausages, nuts, rice - or noodles, some tortillas, I always carry pumpkin seed and hard candy and of course snickers chocolate bars... I don’t care much for energy bars - snickers is basically the same thing... and also my cook kit... in my bag I also always have a zip lock bag with powdered drink mixes - coffee, tea, sugar, energy drink powders... my cook kit is mostly to cook noddles and make coffee... my bag also holds my sketch book and inks and pencils... whatever book I am taking to read - for I have climbed mountains and trekked across valleys simply just to set up camp to read and draw... far away from the civilized world... I might take a small radio or an mp3 player - but mostly not... I grab a walking stick as I walk out the door - also works as a weapon and to help prop up my tarp... and I’m off like Bilbo  Baggins in search of the adventure he let slip away as a young boy...
Man with Knapsack
Winslow Homer

Depending on where I am  - the country or state - what kind of trekking I will be doing... I may hike up a mountain - always straying from the path, of course... I am not much of a climber... but I love walking up hills... around them... looking for ways through them... caves and dens and  hidden coves... I’ve found water springs and rock fortresses, nests of eagles and lost sheep... I have come across a she bear and her cubs - at a distance, and rams knocking horns... through a lense... I once came across a group of young Indians with painted faces up a mountain - they were not at all happy to see me... and they did not have to say a word for me to know that I was not welcome there and that it would be best that I find another peak to rest on... yeah... I got the hill out of there... I once found a cave that just kept going and had I had enough provisions I would have followed it as far as I could... I have often found myself run out of food and water - many times I just don’t care to think things through and find that I am walking to see how far I can go without giving a second thought to how long it will take me to get back - about as long as it took me to get there - I suppose... but I don’t worry about the provisions... the adventure is always not knowing what is going to happen... but... it is always an opportunity to practice my skills and to try out new things... but always learning - what do I need to work on, how much can I endure... how far can I go... I always carry a note book and pens so I write down my thoughts, ideas, maps, how much water I drink... how much food I eat.. But when I loose myself in the journey I sometimes forget to keep track of my supplies... and just keep on trekking...

In the mountains I pick up rocks that catch my eye... and take them for myself as I make my way up to the clouds... rubbing a certain stone that is rough in my palm or smooth between my fingers... I have a collection of stones of many shapes and sizes and textures and patterns... I have found arrowheads and fossils and silver... yeah... silver... coins in a sack stuffed into a tin can... it wasn’t even hidden... finders keepers - I say... I once found an envelope filled with hundred dollar bills when I was a waiter... must have been a t least forty to fifty thousand dollars in it... I was a good Samaritan and turned it in to my manager... when the couple that left the money behind came looking for it  - I got no thank you and I got no reward for being a good man... this time... on that lonely mountain... that bag of silver was for me...

I get to the top of the hill or the mountain and breathe... slow and deep... until my clustered mind is calm... my savage soul is at ease... my restless, and ragged heart has found its rhythm... and I talk to God... and the answer is always the same... “The Golden Rule my son... The Golden Rule...  but sometimes... I understand... you have to push back...”  - so God has spoken...

I wander in to the woods and loose myself in ancient dreams... lost in forests that were old when the world was young... I listen for the echoes of dragons and nymphs and solitary angels... resting on branches... and dreaming the dreams angels dream... I’ve chased foxes and wild geese and butterflies round country roads that lead into forgotten lakes and valleys that are best left forgotten... but the visions of them linger... in these scrambled memories... I go into the woods and touch everything... the grass... tree branches, the leaves, flowers and weeds... I dig my fingers into the soil and squeeze the earth... I smell the ground... the bark... the scents in the breeze... I light a fire and draw the smoke to me with my hands the way eastern Monks and Indians do... toward my head for peace of mind and to my heart for understanding... I dance around the fire for rain and good fortune... I give thanks to my creator for the wealth and the health and my friendships and family... I dance around the fire and chant the chant that God has given me... and fall to the ground... pushed down by my master’s finger... pleased at his servants ritual thanks giving... I paint my face with the ash and fashion a spear... and hunt... for my dinner...

I have spent days in the woods alone with my journal and colors... never venturing from my camp... just there alone surrounded by the stillness of nature... cradled by her... and sung to sleep by her... shielded and protected by her... until it is time to return to the concrete and steel... the smog and gas... the fumes of the petrol.. and the insanity of the fucking do gooder... I am not a tree hugging save the wales type... I don’t belong to any organization that collects money and preaches about saving the trees and the little birdies... because... do you really fucking need some one to tell you to respect the only world we have? - exactly... nature is going to do what nature is going to do - it has cycles... it has its own seasons... and every once in a while it too has to shake the foul stench of political correctness from her... hence tornados... hurricanes... earth quakes... I don’t believe in global warming... I do believe it is about time we see another ice age... it’s coming soon... I don’t believe humanity will outlive nature... I do believe we will destroy ourselves - but the earth will endure... I don’t believe oil is a fossil fuel - the Earth makes it... and she will always continue to make it... I don’t believe we will run out of water - but we may get taxed and charged for it - and we may go to war for it... I don’t believe we will run out of forests - because trees can be planted... I believe we can turn deserts into farms - but the powers that be don’t want that... I believe nature - when left alone... will be perfectly fine... the plants... the animals... and the humans...