Friday, March 27, 2020

Monday, March 23, 2020

Don't Panic - We Prepped


Don't Panic... We prepped.

Baloney and salami sandwich... with a little mustard? I'm in.

Spam and Guacamole burritos? Two please!

Fried noodles with sausage and franks? Fill 'er up...

I am a simple man with simple needs if the truth must come out this is the time and place... I don't need a fancy life... and I have tried it.

Once in Albuquerque one of my fancy brothers took us to a trendy eatery – they had no idea how to use herbs and spices and my mashed potatoes had too much garlic... my fancy brother said I was just not used to “high class food”... I have me a little chuckle every time I remember that conversation – as my friends know, I worked for many years in the food service industry – and I was lucky enough to have lots of “high class” meals for free or at the least at a very generous employee discount... but brothers and sisters... you haven't had a meal until you've had your cousin Dash Deringer's Spaghetti Special... oh yeah... and some of you ladies out there know exactly what I am talking about...

(Fancy people make me laugh but I can only be around them for a short time... because they are delicate and I offend...)

Don't get me wrong – I can whip up some fancy meals but because I am mostly alone it is simple food. omelet... noodles... rice... cold-cuts.. I am good like that – I don't eat much any how so there is plenty to last. I learned my lesson a long time ago to prep when times are good for those rainy days that last for a while.

There is someone I am close to in my family that I was trying to get to prepare their house for the last ten years but they never did until a couple of weeks ago when another relative called them to say – you need to buy food and supplies... and I watched her panic... all I could do was shake my head... and watch...

The world is confused and in places they are panicking. No-one, I think, really knows the truth about this ridiculous virus... but countries are in lock down and store shelves are emptying out as fast as they are being stocked... crazy people loosing their minds for toilet paper and water... as I stroll over to the cold-cuts and sausage... canned beans... and grab some veggies and fruit... because I don't really need to stock much... maybe more coffee... and soda... (my vices).

These crazy people in panic are the same ones that put down those that prep and preach prepping – we are referred to as hoarders now... by those that are panicking and fighting in the isles for double-ply...

Bachelor Prepping Made Simple
(now that you have learned your lesson)

You should, of course already have means of protecting yourself along with the knowledge of how to do so – this is prep number one.

The rest could be done slowly when times are good... when you go shopping buy two of everything (Simon would say). When you are out of one go back to the store and get two - take the extra one (of what-ever) out of the cupboard and replace with the two new ones, and when that (one) item is done go back to the store and get two – again take one out of the cupboard and replace with the two new... now you are building your pantry – simple... buy two (or three).

Here's the equation:

Buy 2 – store one use one
when one is done buy two
now you have three (in your store)
use one – when done
buy 2 – get it.

That is how you slowly build your prep pantry when times are good. You can also build your preps as a single man buy alternating weeks in the isles... because most men don't really need to buy groceries every week – one week just stock up on hi-gene and cleaning supplies, next week it's food, next week it's “protection preps”, next week hi-gene and cleaning until you have put together enough supplies for at least six months... and then just finish building your pantry...

You don't have to make a big deal out of it – but when those rainy days come – we don't panic, because we prepped – it is useless to try to get your family members to prep – but because they are family – mention it – they will most like roll their eyes at you... you tried... move on... but don't talk about it. Don't mention it and don't make it obvious that you are prepping... you are just buying two... that's it.

If you are living a simple and minimal lifestyle – you will have money put away – with some cash stashed at home too... again, because you are a single man that does not need much... you can build an emergency fund the same way... take one weeks pay and put it away – once (and for some) maybe twice a month – every other check isn't touched... we don't need it – prepping is easy – just keep your mouth shut about it and live your life. Waiting for the president to announce a national emergency is too late – that is panic time for the rest of the world... but you kick your feet up with a cold drink and a bacon sandwich and a can of Pringles and wait for the chaos to ease up a little before you go back into a store...

At least that is how I see it from the bunker.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Prehistoric Hobbit Village Discovered - ROBERT SEPEHR

Here is a very important video.
Keep this in mind - this is all about tribes
and in this day and age the majority of the West
are playing for the wrong team.


Friday, March 6, 2020

Chasing Dragons

"So is it going to be the Grail Quest or is it going to be the Wasteland?  Are you going to go on the creative soul's quest or are you going to pursue the life that only gives you security? Are you going to follow the star of the zeal of your own enthusiasm? Are you going to live the myth or is the myth going to live you?"

Joseph Campbell 

I have been out chasing dragons... for little over a year - the story is a strange one - I fell into that adventure and by the time I realized what had happened we were too deep into the rabbit hole and when we tried to step away from it all we found that we could not - Destiny... had us in her grip at last - but I am told that we just collided... and that was what I had gone out looking for years ago anyhow... 

But this was far from my imaginings - though the Shaman says everything and everyone in my life was a step toward this - and I do not believe in coincidence - as you know... so here I am...

Oh - by the way - all that tribalism stuff... it is a lot more important than you think - in a much grander scale - pay close attention to those Robert Sepehr videos  - they are a link (clues - but you have to put the pieces together yourself... we can't come right out and tell you).

I have also found super glue strength to seal my hard right beliefs - Monarchist hard right beliefs - turns out on this journey I have discovered we are surrounded by Monarchies - they are everywhere - all around you - you might even know one and have come in contact with one of his/her peoples - they are everywhere - and they are all hard right - the name of the "game" is survival... but as the little glitch has just reminded me I have gone too far... and we end this letter here.

Flood Myths of Mesoamrica