Monday, May 28, 2018

The wedge between us...

First I want to let it be publicly known that I am with Tommy... and this situation is what the western world has to be very worried about, for I am certain that it will spread to other "free" countries... this could be the spark that lights the fire or it could be curtains for free speech... we'll have to wait and see, my friends

Second.  I want to thank those who still let me comment on their sites - seems my comments have been banned in five popular sites now... I know they can get too long, and I tend to ramble and sometimes take the long way 'round to make my point and sometimes I even forget what the hell the point was... it happens... but for whatever reason, other writers have chosen that my comments (or perhaps your cousin Dash in general) are not welcome... so be it...

At CrusaderRabbit today on the Topic of Tommy Robinson I said:

"There is a strong possibility that Tommy may die in Jail… if so will others rise up… or will they ignore it in silent fear of what the consequence will be if they dare to raise their voice… or make a comment about it online…
It is getting harder to understand how governments conned so many young men to go die to protect our freedoms if this is where we have ended up."

To which Pascal responded to with one of the best responses I have ever had on a comment - (It is in the top 5), and I want to share it with others... because it is, you will see, gold:

"You may have already noted that KG declared it a death sentence by plan. For committing journalism.

Victor, the process by which this came to this point is called the thin entering wedge. I prefer it to the other metaphors (camel’s nose under the tent; slippery slope) because the wedge is one of Archimedes’ simple machines: the inclined plane. Rulers since his time, and probably before so identified it, know of it. You know how a wedge works. In concert with one or two more, it can splendidly separate wood trim from panels and preserve the wholeness of both, so as to do with each what the woodworker wishes.

In war it comes in the form of wedge formations designed to separate rate troops so they cannot reinforce each other.

It politics it comes by introducing multiculturalism — tribal identities make it easier to take advantage of Tocqueville’s observation

a despot easily forgives his subjects for not loving him, provided they do not love each other.
Or it comes in the form of incrementalism. That is another meaning of progressive — the gradual separation of free men from their rights so that the ruler can deal with each individual as the ruler wishes.

We and those who came before us Victor, have been gradually, over many generations, separated from our rights, our freedoms. “It’s only a small matter, really.” Worked too well.

Are there yet sufficient numbers who know what freedom means and the obligations associated remaining to rebel? God knows."  

God knows, indeed...

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

True Believers

 This was first posted as a comment under the article 
by Michael Sebastian

I have spent a little over a year looking for true believers – men willing to charge into the fire for their faith with Rosaries in one hand and a sword in the other in order to preserve the Church and its traditions and teaching and all that it stands for and all that it could be once more, men of a certain caliber and mold not easily found these days… unfortunately, I have not found them yet. What I have found are men much like myself – not exactly boy scouts and knights in shining amour… no, they are hustlers trying to stay afloat in this madness, scoundrels trying to stay one step ahead of the tax-man and the law-man in their quest to stash away just a little bit more of what they work hard for, I come across old soldiers that have lost their faith in the democratic process and their governments, men looking for a place where they belong in the chaos… but, what all these men are is men of destiny – men moving toward their moment in time, men who will not run away from the fight when the time comes, but I can not convince them that the time is now to pick up that cross and that banner and march to the fight coming at them like a tide… but for certain, all these men without hesitation kneel before the cross.

Men in this modern world struggle just to retain their natural instinct without persecution, let alone profess their religious beliefs with out fear of being called out as a bigoted racist NAZI. The average modern man is trying to get laid and hold a job to pay off his debts and buy more stuff that he feels will improve his station in life and make it more fulfilling, God and the Church are not his priorities, and the average married man is trying to keep his wife happy so she won’t rape him in divorce court and take away the fruits of his labor, he is spoiling his children so they will like him as a friend instead of respecting him as their father, he has his mortgages and car payments and appearances to keep up… and the nightmare of his soul killing job, where he must navigate the storm of political correctness and his social justice co-workers… and we want him to have more of a presence at his church?

But yes, that is what men need to do – be more active in your church if you wish to save it… the women will not, no matter how saintly she might appear – she ain’t Joan of Arc.

What you can do is start a men’s organization at your Church – absolutely no women allowed and if the priest thinks he has something to say about it then you have to find a way to let the priest know that the church belongs to the people – which is the truth. Men only groups that you can form to start with aside from the usual bible study group can be discussion groups where you read works such as this one mentioned by Pope Leo XIII and discuss it’s meaning and message along with books by other Christian writers like Chesterton and even Reactionaries like Evola – Evola would be easier to understand with other men trying to get through such heavy reading. Groups like this can turn into think tanks that can come up actual solutions to the problems in your community, you can help other men just by letting them know that men around to listen to them and willing to help them solve their problems. You need to get men of influence involved in your group – businessmen and entrepreneurs, current serving and ex-military, men with skills, that they can teach, trades men, and professionals.

Get organized and come up with some sort of decal that business owners can put on their windows that will identify them as members of your “community” people of faith that wish to preserve their faith and tradition without fear so that those “in the know” will know where to spend their money – hey, Masons have their hand signs and gestures and a bag full of tricks to identify themselves and yes, Masons come first in their eyes… I don’t care what you have read or heard to the contrary… so you must be as close knit and hermetic in your ways as they are, so find ways to identify your kind in ways that only you know and support those businesses, if possible, live in closed communities with your kind of people, if you own property, then rent to your people, recommend only your people to others… Christianity was born in the shadows if we have to go back into the shadows before we can walk out into the light with out fear then so be it, do what you have to do but start by promoting and supporting each other in your Church and community.

Now that the Boy scouts have been destroyed – I read that they lost 400,000 boys now that girls can join (not sure if that is true). The youth needs help now more than ever, especially young boys, and a group like the scouts was always a great place to start in the shaping of young boys lives, seriously give thought to forming a scouting group for the boys of your Church.

I myself have recently returned to the Church – I attend the Latin Mass and I sometimes go to an Orthodox Church as well – one of the guys in my gang is Greek and he too has return to the Church and talked my into attending – I first visited an Greek Orthodox church when I live n Illinois for a wedding and I loved it, can’t believed in took me this long. I left the Church over twenty years ago because I got tired of weak feminine priest preaching to the men to relinquish more power to women – equality and SJW programming had infiltrated the Church way back then… so I left… but despite my wicked ways I never stopped believing in my creator and I know I have lots to answer for when the day comes… lots.

I do not want to ramble on here about my own theories, and I will not get into a discussion on Masonry, but Masonry, for many men is good for them, just as the military, for many men is good for them, and just as the Church, for many men is good for them… but Masonry strayed from the path of it’s true intention long ago and it is not going to find it’s way back, as for the Church it too has strayed, it needs new leadership, strong leadership, it needs to be purged of certain men that occupy positions of power with in. there are rumors and stories that Pope Benedict was actually forced out by a certain cabal in the Vatican that has a, shall we say, liberal agenda, and the stories of his poor health were a lie – Popes stay on the “throne” till death.

There are several Christian brotherhoods that have formed in the last few years, some of them came and went and some are still around, some took their cues from The Iron Legion blog – mines did, and I know of others – and I have been in contact with many of these groups but alas… as I myself was looking for a certain type of men to fill my army, it seems that I myself do not quite fit the bill for the type of men some of these organizations are looking for – because it is not enough to be a Christian… everyone wants to find… and believe that they are – true believers.

Well, sir… that’s my two cents worth.

Oh, by the way, Michael, it is just by chance that I visited your site tonight… I am not getting update notifications from your site… in fact I am not getting any update notification to my email from any site I am subscribed to except for Bold and Determined… strange.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

some strange things...

Water droplets from a clear sky

Here's a first in strange things that I have experienced.

Last night at 2:00am I stepped out to take some garbage bags out to the side walk – I had placed the bins out for pick-up earlier, I was up reading and before I turned in I remembered I still had the bags from my room and the bathrooms to take out.

As soon as I walked through the gate of the front patio I felt a small water drop hit my shoulder – I thought nothing of it and kept walking down the path to the side walk but with every step I took I kept feeling water droplets hit my arms and neck I stopped to look up and the sky was clear with bright stars above me... I looked around carefully to see if there was any fog or mist – nothing... I reach the trash bins and toss in my bags and I turn around slowly to make my way back into the house...

I walk up the path very, very slow with my arms out feeling these water drops – they are not big, it feels like I am being sprayed by some water bottle sprayer – can't explain it really... like I was walking through a soft spraying water sprinkler – just a mist of water drops... I am not soaking wet and I can feel my body cooling down as if the drops of water evaporated instantly.

Half way up the walk way I stop and look around again. I look down at the pavement and it is dry. I walk onto the grass and it is dry... again, no clouds, no wind, not even a breeze, there is nothing in the sky but stars and no one around but me...

Even this morning I can not come up with some reason for it... and I am not sure exactly how to feel about the event... for some reason this keeps bringing to mind an event that I experienced recently but do not know if the two are connected – that event I am not sure at all how to explain even to myself as it concerns my memories – I most definitely trust my memories

On April 17, I noticed that a plant holder which I have always known and remember to have been made of white ceramic blocks turned into old wooden block... I am very sure of my memories of the ceramic blocks as I always looked at that plant holder carefully for it's good design – the eyes are drawn to it because it sits on the side of the shed in the middle of a row of dark Terracotta pots... so it stands out and I always look at it so I know for certain what it was made of and what it looked like... now that plant holder is made of wooded blocks that have just a hint of stained white paint on them - it is not as attractive as it was in my memories and I do not know what to make of it... there is also the case of the “holy shirts”

I had three old button downs that had holes in them, one on the sleeve and the others down toward the bottom I had folded them and put them in a plastic bag to tear up later for cleaning rags ( this was over two months ago), when I finely went to use the first one to use for wiping down some yard tools I noticed that it had no hole... I checked the other two and their holes were no longer there... these were perfectly good shirts... what the hell was going on here... this freaked my out a bit and I did not hesitate in my decision to just through those shirts away... I wanted to burn them but I just threw them away – I wanted to have nothing to do with them... I trust my memories... and I try to dismiss strange things like this but sometimes it is just hard too... all you can do is go on with your life and hope nothing too damn weird happens... but in my life the weird is a regular thing... but don't f*ck with my memories of things because that just pisses me off... gas-lighting – probably the devils best trick...

But the water sprinkles... it actual felt pretty good for a strange event... good or bad...

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The first Americans

there have always been stories in Mexico and even as far south as Chile about a white tribe in ancient days - and I have always believed it to be true... a gut feeling.  even my own shaman talks about a white tribe and has even told me stories of his spiritual awakening when wandering a mountain he stumbled upon a cave and there he met a white Indian who showed him the path to enlightenment.

and if you have the time also check out Robert Sepehr's 
Rethinking the Peopling of the Americas

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Proof that the Liberal SJW's are a White Supremacist Group

This was first posted yesterday as a comment at CrusaderRabbit

(there is some strong language in this)

strap yourself down my friends, because this revelation is going to knock you on your ass… let’s begin.

This morning the internet is on fire over a teenage girl in Utah, Kezia Daum, for wearing a traditional Chinese dress called Chiongsam to her prom – just a little something she found at a thrift store, and she posted pictures online of herself in the dress… and that is all it took for the melt down to begin.

But was it a melt down? Was it really an attack on a young woman for “cultural appropriation” or was this actually an attack on a white girl for choosing to promote a culture outside of her own? – sounds crazy, but I will show you how this insane theory will open your eyes to the truth.
It is not hard to prove that feminism is nothing more than a shit test – I prove it to myself every time I help to empower young collage girls when I pump and dump them, treat them like cheap whores that are not good for anything else than to be used up as sex object for my own pleasure… they don’t want my respect, admiration, pretty words, or the pedestal collecting dust in my shed… nope, they want me to treat them the exact opposite of what they have always told me to treat them… so I can only come to the conclusion from my experiences with women, as both a nice guy beta and as an alpha ass-hole that feminism is nothing more than a scam on women and a shit test on men.

Now, this cultural appropriation scam that the SJW’s are trying to push on White America – because only White Americans seem to be guilty of it. What seems to be the problem here with white folk showing appreciation for the beauty of other cultures that makes the (mostly white) liberal left loose its collective goofy mind? Aren’t these the same lunatics shoving multi-culturalism down our throats, are they the same ones preaching that diversity is our strength? But they will attack you and threaten you for wearing clothes from another culture and shut you down if you are white and open up a taco stand? Why? Well friends the answer is as simple as connecting the little crazy dots of the new cultural appropriation scam.

It is not about appreciating someone else’s culture and it is not about disrespecting someone else’s culture by doing so. It is about whites keeping to themselves doing white only things and this scam is also affecting people of color. Recently Kenye West (not a fan) started an uproar for supporting Candace Owens and Donald trump – well that black man must have lost his damn mind… your black and you are not supposed to support the white man and white man ways… they attacked Candace as well for letting black people know that they are getting hustled by the left and their political arm, the Democratic party. They attacked a singer by the name of Bruno Mars for appropriating black culture with his music – he is a Filipino (and mixed I think), he should stick with his own kind and do his own peoples thing is the message I got from blacks over that issue… so the message I am getting is that blacks need to stick with their own kind and do black people things like constantly voting Democrat so they can continue to live their poor ghetto victim lives and blame the whites for keeping him down – when it is the liberal left that needs them to stay in the ghetto and be victims so that the Left can have a cause to fight for – that is the message I am reading, and the white man needs to just leave everyone else’s stuff alone.

Pay close attention to this friends. Nobody is raping fat white girls with tattoos and short green hair – nobody… but the SJW multi-cultural left does not want white men to go to South America or Asia to marry their women. No, they want you to stay in America and marry miserable white American women. They want you to stick with your own kind… White Supremacy through reverse psychology. These SJW crazies do not want you to run a business that promotes or appreciates other cultures than your own – but do not promote too much of your own white culture because then it is insensitive and racist – but do stick to your own is the hidden message that is truly being pushed – and the agenda, well, it is nothing more than separation and division of people, to keep the blacks separate from the whites and the Hispanics in the barrio where they belong… The SJW multi-cultural left does not want White Americans celebrating “Cinco de Mayo” though that is purely an American holiday – we do not celebrate that in Mexico, and you cannot celebrate Chinese New Year, especially not wearing a Chiongsam that is two strikes and if you speak Chines that might as well be three strikes and your out… move to China if you love them so much… but don’t bring back your Chinese wife you traitor… it is insane this theory of mine but no more ridiculous that the hypocrisy that is the liberal left bastard child – SJW… and Feminism… it is all hypocrisy, insanity, no logic or common sense and just pushing people toward the exact opposite of what they say they are promoting – not equality, not unity, not diversity

It is important to understand that Chines people in China are not offended by this – they actually like it just as when Model Karlie Kloss was attacked for being dressed up as a Geisha for Vogue Magazine – the Japanese people had no problem with it – but the white liberal left did and always does have a problem with it – it seems to me that without victims they have no business and I will not be surprised if they soon go after this Eminem singer (I could not name one of his songs even if I was being tortured), now that he is irrelevant, and that they will go after mixed couples, because from what I am observing they need victims and they need to separate and divide people in order for them to have a cause to fight for.

The left is destroying itself, slowly, but it is eating itself, always turns on their own, and even those in their ranks are afraid because no-one is sure of the rules of the club – it is always changing and never makes sense even to themselves, what and who they are fighting for and protecting today will change tomorrow – if you don’t get the twitter then you are shit out of luck. Your safest bet is to just stick with your own kind white people and continue doing only white people things, because that is what the so called opposition wants – to isolate and separate the whites and isn’t that what you want anyway…

You’re winning White America… you’re winning