Monday, August 28, 2017

An Old Man Dies

The old man wanted to die amongst his collection of books and artifacts and discarded memories that he had collected throughout his life time – a life that had now run out of time... but what times they were, he thought to himself trying to focus on the younger man sitting at his side but his eyes could not function as he would like them to – to gaze one more time on his students, many of whom filled the small back room of his antique shop which was his home for the last eighty years of his life – he had said... and one student had mentioned to others that the master had confided in him that he was actually one hundred sixty years old. The teacher was a wonderful story teller and his wealth of knowledge and information was without bounds as was his personal fortune, some of which was actually just sitting on the shelves of this little back room – a sketch book of lovers Pablo Picasso intentionally left behind on a table in a hotel bar in Madrid, a box of gold coins stolen by a band of Templars from a French noble when the church turned on them and they became pirates, St. Germain's journal containing his formulas and equations for immortality and it was once speculated by members of the realm that the professor had in his possession that magical wonderful thing that angels themselves fought over that grants unlimited power over time and space... but the most valuable of all, for the old man, was the book containing the names of all the young men he had brought into the the guild and the brotherhood... and as he laid there fading into night for the last time trying to decipher the whispered voices of the students in his room and the ones in the hall and those in the front room of the shop... his mind drifted for an instant to his child hood... in the home of his own master, when wandering the halls of an ancient castle built to protect the growing wealth of the guild, he pushed open a strong metal door and entered a room with an old wooden chest laying open on a cold stone floor and a tub filled with water just a few feet away from it... he walked slowly to the trunk and looked down into it and found an infant dragon looking back up at him... his heart raced... in his memories and the old man whispered -

“It was a green dragon... from the orient... it was a green one... the last one... it did not survive long...” he began to cry... the room went silent and the men in the house listened intently to the last words of the master. “We tried everything...” his joyful memory was now tormenting him...

Laurence placed his hand on the teachers chest and tried to calm him “that was a long time ago, the order has survived... because of you the order has survived...” but the old man was drowning in emotions he had held back for a hundred years.

“We tried everything... but the young dragon was ill... and his mother was dead... it was the last one... but we did not bury the creature...” and the men standing around the bed leaned in closer for the secret to be revealed...  “he was preserved... wrapped up like the old kings... he has a tomb of his own... that little dragon” he placed his trembling hand over Laurence's hand - “Boris?”

“It's me, Laurence, teacher”
“Boris is dead, master... he was killed in the Middle East... that damn war”
“Boris is alive... he knows...”

He squeezed Laurence's hand “take this ring from my hand Laurence... You will lead this guild... and find Boris... Boris is alive... he knows the secret of the dragon... he knows the tomb of the 'little king'...” the old man took in a deep breath... and with his frail hand motioned Laurence closer to him.

The younger man leaned forward and the teacher whispered...

“It's a dream, my boy... the dream is the reality...” and he drifted off to sleep.

 - to be continued -

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

For the Record - a fascist's (drunken) rant

 "An intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent, it takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction"
 - E. F. Schumacker

"When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you"
 - Lao Tzu

For the record -

I am being told and I read every where that people who wish to preserve their culture and traditions and religion and that believe in a natural order such as there are only two genders and the sacred union of marriage is only between a man and a woman and that man is the hunter provider and woman the nurturer... makes me a NAZI – really... A NAZI. For the record – I am no NAZI – but the subject fascinates me.

Let's make this clear – I am not with the Alt-Right, the far-right, alt-lite, the neo-NAZIs, White Supremacists, or Kekistanis... I have never protested nor attended any protest or participated in any marches for any cause (and I do not wear bracelets or ribbons for anyone). I have never had a driver's license nor do I hold any licenses of any kind for anything. I have never registered to vote or for anything else and I have never asked a bureaucrat for a permit for anything – I am suspicious of big governments and those that want one... this I am told makes me a nutter of sorts.

I belong to no political party – though I have always liked Ron Paul as a Statesman. I have lost my faith in the democratic system as it always seems to lead to socialism – and of that “ism” I am not a big fan. Capitalism is an “ism” that I like – consenting adults agreeing on a price for services and products provided... or bartering... I am told this is a bad thing by young socialist who seem to have the support of global corporations that rely on capitalism... for profit.

Racism. Yes, I have very strong opinions about certain ethnic groups and cultures based on my personal experiences with them... this I am told makes me a racist – having negative opinions and wanting to just avoid them for my personal peace of mind... racist. I know, I know... their not all like that... but until I come across the ones that are counter to the opinions I have of them then why not just let me stick with my own kind or just leave me the hell alone... when I was growing up the rule of the street was “don't start none – won't be none”... that's called the golden rule – it is how one finds his own personal utopia... but... unfortunately... the young modern socialist does not want you to live in your own personal utopia, he wants you to live in his.

I am not violent nor do I want any part of it... but don't push me mother fucker... because I got a fuckin' demon inside of me that wants to rip your face off and throw your squirming body on Satan's altar just to make the voices go away... did that come out insane... I know – you don't believe in Satan or God... but they do – the men using you to further their agenda... their “Ordo Ab Chao”.

Yes... they do.

When it all goes to hell in the United States – I have nothing there anymore... I own nothing that can be taken away from me... nothing... no material possession to be stolen and redistributed... no material possession to give a damn about and I am happy... but that wont do for the young socialist who wants me to be as miserable as he is in his utopia of equality – where I must have something to be liberated from or victimized for or held over my head or threatened with to keep me in line.

The purge has begun – free speech... no more, thank you general but do keep those wars going so the checks don't stop.

I don't pretend these days to be anything other than what I am – a half-breed Mexican with American citizenship who wants nothing more than to live my life in peace and solitude on land I can call my own and be able to keep what I have earned with my blood, my sweat and my tears... I want a traditional family to help preserve my culture, my race and my religion... away from the madness of greedy parasite do-gooders that I don't give two shits about... cause here's the honest truth - At the end of the day in the soft glow of the candles on my desk, I don't care about the color of your skin and what you have or don't have or what ever your problems are and what your political views are and what ever the fuck you are fighting for or not... I just don't give a damn... about your religion, your god... your country... your beliefs... I don't give a fuck... if you're gay or straight, or think your a furry cartoon character... I just don't care, and what I think bothers the young socialist do-gooder the most, is that he knows that the average middle class, middle aged men of the world that just want to work and take care of their families and keep the wheels of society spinning as they have for just another day and maybe get to keep a little bit more of what they worked hard for... they don't care... not enough to walk out on the job and go protest and march and riot... there is just to much to get done – you ungrateful pieces of shit... but trust me... your waking up the wrong dragon... but I think that is just what angers you the most... men like me who have more than you but nothing to show for it that don't care about your insignificant worthless ass, that no one will miss when you are dead, just don't give a fuck... because I rely on the same globalist corporations (for my checks), that support your socialist revolution... but still... that makes me the evil one... the world is a pretty fucked up place when those on the right invest money in the companies that support the efforts of the left in a country propped up by free market capitalists that wish to destroy free speech... insane?


But there it is

Yeah... I know... today I don't give a fuck because I have been drinking all day and will soon pass out and sleep for a couple of days... when I come out of my comma I will go back to shouting REVOLT! (against the modern world).

Sunday, August 13, 2017

and then what Europe... and then what?

Are people still traveling to Europe?

Did tourism take a hit this summer or was it business as usual for the tourist boards of Europa?

I don't know and I have not looked it up but I would imagine by now Americans know to stay away... or do they?

Again... I don't know and I have not looked up the numbers but I do wonder if tourists arriving in Europe – let's say France, are given a list of no-go zones, or would that be considered racist and Islamophobic to inform visitors of dangerous areas in their country - “avoid Calais and Nice... for your own protection don't stare to long at the Negros... for the safety of your wife and daughters have them cover their heads and dress modestly” - no?... no pamphlets or brochures upon arrival?

Wouldn't want to scare off the Americans and Asians bringing in their hard earned money to support the hotel industry and gift shops that have supported families for so many years... that you collect taxes on to support the unemployable, illiterate refugees you love so much, Europe... that cultural enrichment must be some kind of magic.

What will become of you Europe?

I just can't figure it out... I have a damn good idea of what is happening but I can't make sense of why you are letting it happen... and just as I find it hard to find any sympathy (though I can find excuses) for suicide victims, I am struggling to find reasons to keep caring for people hell bent on destroying themselves... even more so when I cannot find the reason that makes sense for it.

Except for some suits – French, Italian, and German, and some artwork and hand crafts that I bring back as souvenirs... and my last name... I have no products made in Europe in my home. The economies in Latin Europe suck – Greece, Italy, Portugal... broke and high unemployment rates. The Northern high taxed socialist countries are being sucked dry for the sake of the new Europeans... the backs of the English working class is getting ready to break. Where is the money to support all of these unskilled, unemployable, non-integrating immigrants and their families coming from – or like basic progressive socialist, you simply do not care as long as it keeps flowing. What is going to happen when England and Sweden and Germany have imported so many third world migrants, bringing their hatred and greed and their enriching culture and peaceful religion, that you bend over back-wards to please and not offend even as these people kill and rape your sons and daughters and make your cities so unsafe that the citizens will not even be able to walk out the door to go to work to support their own families, and the poor unskilled refugees cannot and will not be trained to work as it may be offensive or considered racist to even consider the thought and your countries fall apart... and the money stops flowing because the ones doing the work cannot get to work for fear of their own lives... and the refugees start rioting because the goodies aren't being delivered on time... then the fires start... and the looting's... and the war lords rise – because these are Africans and Middle Easterner's we are talking about... and the no-go zones become tribal territories and Whites are thrown out of their homes, and Christians are beheaded in the streets and the daughters of Europe are sold and traded on the steps of your Cathedrals... and England now looks like Afghanistan, and Germany resembles Somalia... and Sweden – some fucked up country in Africa that not even the do-gooders care about...

I keep asking myself why the militaries have not stepped in – Sweden has men in dresses leading their soldiers so I can see that they are part of the self destruct agenda... but France and England... I don't understand... are these soldiers orphans and raised by the state? Do they not have families... are they not there to protect the people... their culture... their traditions...? Are they there to stomp out the resistance? I don't know.

I tell people and I have left comments on several sites on the topic of illegal immigration – if you want to put a stop to it you have to give the immigrants a reason to not want to go to your countries – you have to turn your homelands into no-go zones for them... but you have not, instead you have allowed the foreigners to create no-go zones in your own cities... what the fuck man... give me a sigh Europa... let me know you are gathering in the shadows waiting for the night to fall and you will rise out of the darkness with the fury and the fire of that dragon that is the will and determination that built the western world... show me that strength and devotion of your ancient knights that conquered and protected your many kingdoms with faith and courage and honor... let me hear the slow crescendo of thunder of the new order rising that is the heart and soul of one people, united under the banner of Christendom on the march to preserve the cultures and heritage of the nations of Europa and I will not loose respect and love for you... because if you fall, the whole of the West will fall... as for Sweden... I am still very much inclined to show up with an army of angry Mexicans and take it for myself... since you don't seem to want it... we'll get more resistance from the Muhameds and Abdulas to keep the free ride they have now... but I just might want the country more than they do... for purely selfish reasons...

We don't know what to think over here, cousins... we just don't know... but do beware of Latin American tourists traveling light, and heading North... in the off season.

Monday, August 7, 2017

... and it's worth fighting for...

kiss me goodbye...

She calls me a damn fool of a man.

She blames me for everything... every damn thing - whether it has anything to do with us or not... it's my fault she feels this way... it's my fault for making her angry... my fault when she cries... my fault when things fall apart - and they often do... It's my fault... and I will admit... to a night a long time ago... in the stillness of her fathers garden... under the moon casting a certain glow... that I fumbled and mumbled out a desperate magic spell... but I was only looking for a sign from destiny - honestly... and she herself did once admit to doing the same thing - in that very garden... on a very similar night... but still... it's all my fault for not knowing how to cast a proper spell...

And trust me when I tell you friends - she's always been a little mad - every one likes her... she is a lovely girl and very easy to fall for... she's the girl you want on your side... the one you want to have a family with... but she's nuts like the rest of them... and I always knew it... but the sound of her voice... and the smell of her skin... and the taste of her lips... is worth the rage and insanity when I get to hold her in my arms again...

And I let her come and go as she please... and I let her rain down her madness on me... I let her drown me in her fears and insecurities and jealous tantrums... and I let her pretend that she hates me and I let her pretend she's never coming back... and I let her seduce me and I let her reduce me to the point of no resistance... 

I wonder if she will forgive me when she realizes that I let all of this play out according to the script of her seduction... this is what she wanted... just the way she wanted it... this was always her game that we have been playing... but we are both playing to win... and I like playing this game... with her... breaking the rules and stacking my chips with loaded dice... because all is fair in love and war.

I can't let her win - because I cannot abandon the road I am currently on - which is what she wants.  I have to follow it to the end and see were it leads me... and she knows that... I wonder if she would forgive me if I let it all go and we lost ourselves out at see - forever... (like she said we should).


I know...

This is the man she wants... this damn fool of a man... that she keeps coming back to...