Friday, January 15, 2010

Prolog to a dream...

If I died before touching her,
before kissing her,
before looking into her eyes
once more,
then I have truly been cursed.
And the wind that blows
is just the wind
not the breath of God,
and the rain that falls is just the rain,
not the tears of a lonely angel.
And the stars are only fading lights
from dying planets,
not diamonds
floating in a velvet sea.

If I died before I could hold her
in my arms once more,
and feel the beating of her heart,
and hear her whisper in my ear,
then the clouds
are only clouds
not the pillows she sleeps on.
And the moon is an ugly rock
not a stolen pearl
from a Chinese goddesses necklace.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It seems that destiny has other plans for me...

I thought that I was through slaying dragons for you
But on the desert bed I stand - My bleeding heart beats in my hand
I thought I would be fine leaving you far behind
But here I am again - the same fool I’ve always been
I know that I should be - chasing after my dreams
But it seems I’m lost in time - lost in the tempest in my mind
Lost in the rhythm of this rhyme...

I thought that I was through writing love songs for you
But here I sit in the dark - scheming schemes to break your heart
I though that I was done - said I’ll take it on the run
But the words I long to write keep me trapped in the night
And I know that I should be - chasing after my dreams
But it seems that destiny - has made other plans for me
To bring me so far from the sea... far from the sea...

Friday, January 8, 2010

"Your poetry is so lyrical..."

She said your poetry is so lyrical
I bet she wishes it was more political
Don’t be too analytical
But everything else I post is too damn cynical

At least she isn’t critical
Of my quest which is so Biblical
for the love I seek is mystical
Not just something Physical

Though I may come off heretical
And my views conceived as radical
You should know I’m only being theatrical
Before I’m lost in my Sabbatical

So allow me to be whimsical
If my poetry seem the words of an imbecile
Who would like to be invisible
Cloaked by a love inexplicable
art work by Pam Powell

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New year!

the new year is here...and the world has still gone ccazy... we can only put out possitive energy into the universe and hope for the best... I have been late up sick in bed for the last few days not doing much... out of boredom created a new blog - not too sure were I will go with this or will it will end up - guess you could call it a tribute to the art of beeing "cool"... have a happy new year - good luck to you all... and stay warm... unless it is summer where you are at - then stay cool...