Monday, February 28, 2011

All of these things and more…

These are the post cards I could never send
These are the photos of my lost and forgotten friends
These are the poems that brought me to my knees
These are the paintings that haunt me in my dreams
And these are the letters that form the words you long to hear
These are the nights I wish I could just disappear...

These are the songs I’ve carried in my heart
These are the memories that have torn me apart
These are the kisses that I never could give
These are the days I was born to live
And these are the moments I want to run away and hide
These are the nights I sure could use you by my side...

These are the wishes that still haven’t come true
These are the schemes I left behind for you
These are the pages of the books I’ll never write
These are the broken wings of an angel shot down in mid-flight
These are the whispers she used to sooth my wounded soul
And these are the nights I need a woman like you to hold...


Monday, February 21, 2011

Now she's falling...

She was tangled up in the chaos... until I set her free
Now she’s falling through the twilight of some enigmatic dream
And I can hear her echos ringing out as she’s calling to me
Now she’s an angel falling through the night... suspended in her own scream

She was sailing blind in the storm... until I called the waters back home to me
Now she’s falling like a wounded dolphin to the bottom of the sea
And I can hear the song she’s singing jingling the leaves on my shade tree
Now she’s falling through the verses... in my books of poetry

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have I arrived as an artist...

"Getting something that lasts the test of time is difficult. I hope this poem of yours achieves that goal. For me, it is worthy. In any case, with your permission, it will surely be studied at one High School."


What will they learn from this I wonder... will they scratch their heads in disbelief that it took me almost three months to write such a simple little poem... will they be enchanted by the images I tried to conjure from the darkest parts of my dreams... will they marvel at the rhythm and the rhyme... Will they debate its meaning... is it a poem about love -or death? Is it about chasing your dreams - or about abandoning them? Is it about finding your destiny - or is it about leaving it behind? Is it happy... or is it sad... Is it about desire and lust... or tragedy and sorrow... I will never tell... in the end, it will be for your students to decide what it is about... but they should know that... when the last line was written... I fell to the floor and slept for two days and dreamed of an angel that tired of waiting for me to cross the desserts and seas of my dark and lonely dreams...