Monday, December 4, 2017

yet... they still call me a fascist..

but of course I am not... any one who knows me knows that.

I am a right-winger (I think).

I believe in conserving and preserving the traditions and culture of my people - the white European side and the brown native side... I believe in the natural order and struggle to maintain and preserve it for the sake of all humanity... I believe in my lord and savior and sweet creator and  his will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven... I believe in borders and the separation of races and religions - each can have it's own place in this world - if you don't know, I am a product of multiculturalism... and it sucks... I believe there are only two genders - because, there are only two genders (dumb ass!)... I believe in small government and personal responsibility and self sufficiency... I believe in the right to bear arms - that it is my God given right to defend my life and my family and my property by any means available to me... and I believe in free speech and my right to an opinion... but the new world faggot keeps saying that makes me a fascist... oh well... I got shit to do...

good luck to the rest of you.