Friday, September 28, 2012

This Little Poem

These are the words I should have said
When I had her in my arms 
When I had her in my bed...
These are the whispers I should have released
Along with the sighs
When she had me on my knees...
And these are the kisses I cannot forget
Like the moments of anger
That melt into regret...

This little poem was meant to be hers
But like my heart was forgotten
And lost in a curse...
This is the moment she was denied
To drown in the ocean
Of love’s furious tide...
And this is the promise she could not steal or borrow
To live and to love
Like there is no tomorrow...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

a random design

This is a copy I drew of some one Else's design - I copied it from a design book when I was twenty years old... I forgot to write down the original designers name and always meant to go back to the library to find out who it was... twenty three years later, I still have no idea... I have made many designs based on this one for company logos  for others and for my various own companies... something about this design strikes me deeply subconsciously... I cannot even begin to count how many times I have drawn variations of this work in notebooks and on napkins... but here it is - plagiarized, for study purposes only... this is the original sketch I made, copied, the colors reversed, and blue toned...
and yes, I know this is just an artistic variation of the Star of David...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Amanda Vasquez

Looking through old files that needed cleaning out I found these... I can't believe I still have them, I haven't seen them in ten years...
Amanda Vasquez from photo shoot for "WOW" woman of the world - a magazine that never happened - 1997
Victor Vogt - Art Director

Saturday, September 22, 2012

She's not the girl...

She’s not the girl that I used to know
I left her behind a long time ago
She’s not the girl that once cried for me
When I was the boy in her fantasy
And she’s not the girl that turned my world upside down
Because the boy she once knew can no longer be found

She’s not the girl that used to be mine
When we were different people in another time
She’s not the girl that shattered my dreams
And kicked me straight into hell - Life fell apart at the seams
And she’s not the girl that left my soul on the floor
Because the boy she once knew isn’t around any more

She’s not the girl who would set my heart a flame
Well, we gamble with love and I lost it all on that game
She’s not the girl that made me look like a fool
Maybe I had it coming - ‘could the world be so cruel
And she’s not the girl who set these words in motion
Because the boy she once knew drowned his heart in the ocean

Monday, September 3, 2012

stamp and kisses

I learned how to draw when I was young by copying the works of Patrick Nagel... I found this hidden in the pages of an journal... can't remember when or where I drew this and I have no idea what the words on the side are from... some unfinished work or drunken babble... and I don't know why I kept it... torn out of one book and hidden in another... or perhaps I used it as a page marker...... who knows - but thanks Patrick Nagel...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

under an indigo moon...

For she who inspires

I have heard it said - that angels wept
the night you slipped from my arms
and demons in hell - at the ringing of bells
howled in pain when this world lost your charms

But they’ll never know - for they have no soul
the magic that comes from your kiss
O, the scent of your hair - I’ve followed everywhere
from the desert to the deep forest mist

I have read it in books - and I’ve seen the look
lovers share across a crowded room
but that conquering stare - cannot compare
to her gaze under an indigo moon

It seems I am cursed - my heart just might burst
I cannot let go of that love
I’ll fight my way through the fire - of my own damn desire
be it in hell or in the heavens above

If destiny be kind - once again I will find
the tenderness I knew in your touch
and the devil will cry - angels unchained to fly
in this chaos - how could one love so much...