Saturday, September 1, 2012

under an indigo moon...

For she who inspires

I have heard it said - that angels wept
the night you slipped from my arms
and demons in hell - at the ringing of bells
howled in pain when this world lost your charms

But they’ll never know - for they have no soul
the magic that comes from your kiss
O, the scent of your hair - I’ve followed everywhere
from the desert to the deep forest mist

I have read it in books - and I’ve seen the look
lovers share across a crowded room
but that conquering stare - cannot compare
to her gaze under an indigo moon

It seems I am cursed - my heart just might burst
I cannot let go of that love
I’ll fight my way through the fire - of my own damn desire
be it in hell or in the heavens above

If destiny be kind - once again I will find
the tenderness I knew in your touch
and the devil will cry - angels unchained to fly
in this chaos - how could one love so much...

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