Friday, December 25, 2020

a winter song for you

I took down the VGT6000 page at Youtube -got tired of their games and making money for them - yes they made money from those videos - don't know how much the artist made but youtube was making money I switched to BTCHUTE and may also be posting some commentary there as well... we'll see what happens... MERRY CHRISTMAS


Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our savior  - bringing a message of love and hope and salvation.

Every Christmas we celebrate by charring that message with the world by wishing others a Merry Christmas... but there are some who, we are told, will be offended by that message... well... If some one is offended by the message of "Peace on Earth and good-will to all man" - then they are the problem.


Sunday, November 8, 2020

How we play this game of the Dragon -

"Verily, verily I say unto you, he that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber"
- John 10:1 

 In this game it is your soul which is at stake here. and one of the most valued jewels is your honor, and the honor of your tribe and the honor of the God of your tribe - it must be preserved at all costs - for the dragons that came before us have stated it so...

 No cheating - do not fall for any Ha-Satan's temptation, promises or favors - no deals with the devil, do not sell or compromise your soul (Death before dishonor) - no easy path. You gotta earn it... you gotta learn it - you gotta live it. You gotta suffer and pay your dues to your tribe and for your God.


Thursday, June 25, 2020

Destroy The Past.... Then Repeat It - Popp

The New Utopia

A Lefty Wet Dream
first published June 17 2016 
As part one of "A Tale Of Two Countries"

For this we will use our imagination... let’s just say... there was no revolution... there was no civil war.

Let’s just say that our wise “elected” leaders actually put it to a vote and the citizens decided to divide the country in half - North and South, or East and West and each half would get the same amount of square miles... alright, lets just say that we divided the country East and West so that both halves have a coast... so that the equality babies don’t make a fuss... and our wise “elected” leaders gave the citizens a choice between the too halves to choose from in which to relocate for new citizenship in two new countries formed out of this old republic.

One country shall be a liberal socialist utopia where everyone is equal and safe from any harm  - be it emotional or physical, the whole of the country is a safe space for the delicate and fragile sensibilities of the obese, the gay, the trans, the green haired... everyone of every race, color and sexual orientation and identity will never need a trigger warning as free speech has been chiseled down to the politically correct “safe speech”, which is the only accepted vernacular of the land, and all truths, if found to be hurtful or going against the popular opinions of The Peoples Party is outlawed.  There is no criticism, no debate, and no alternate opinion - there is no questioning the wisdom of The Peoples Party.

In this paradise of equality abortions are paid  for by the state and are encouraged  to keep the white population down, Heterosexual unions are illegal and marriage is only permitted between homosexual men and women who are also the only ones allowed to raise children as normal families, single mothers are allowed children, of course, but the fathers of their children will not be allowed to visit or participate in the upbringing of the children as heterosexual men have been proven to be a bad influence on children - however, the men must still pay child support for these children - that is, half their currency units on their monthly units ration must go to the mothers for the children - single mothers have the option of working or not working in the new utopia.  If a single mother should later decide she no longer feels the need to be a mother she is free to deliver her children to one of the many public or privately owned child care centers where the child can be placed with a loving homosexual couple or the child may be peacefully put down so  it’s body parts can be sold to the medical industry for reuse.

Competition and free commerce have been outlawed as well and there are no  jobs available to heterosexual white men without a working permit that is only granted after proof has been given by a corporation that an individual will be hired, and the men must first take an examination of “Social Competence” to determine ones tolerance and acceptance of their “white privilege”..  Because of the equality and sensitivity laws, exercise and healthy lifestyles are also not permitted to white heterosexual males - strong fit men are seen as confident, aggressive and dominant and may have the tendencies to start thinking for themselves and seek to question the authority of The Party, therefore, all white males are medicated  from an early age in order to make them more docile and submissive and effeminate.  Only men of color are allowed to express their individuality by strengthening their bodies..

In the People’s Paradise equality is the rule among the guilty white population.  You will all have the same houses with the same sized yard, you are allowed to grow a garden but you must not  have more plants and flowers than the houses around you and you will not be allowed to make any additions or improvements to your home if they make your domain more beautiful than your neighbors - this would be insensitive and offensive, only homosexual couples, single mothers, and immigrant refugee families are allowed houses, men live in men’s housing units - which are areas similar to the old government housing projects of the old republic. There are no privately owned automobiles - they add to the green house gasses that contribute to climate change and have been outlawed, only members of the elite and the proletariat are allowed access to the publicly owned luxury cars which are driven by members of the designated special class of the liberated workers union made up mostly of immigrant refugees, all other citizens are free to use public transportation.
The Liberated Workers Union employs citizens loyal to the party for work in stores and governmental departments, public services, the military, and transportation. These jobs go to women and people of oppressed races including the trans-gendered.  To work for a corporation one must have a special workers permit as most of the corporations employ only foreign workers who are allowed into the country under a special workers visa for specialized work that the citizens can’t do for lack of education in those fields - because it is not permitted by the party. 

Money in the new utopia is controlled by the central bank - this new country has retained the fractional reserve system of the old Federal Reserve but actual cash has been outlawed. Now money is all digital and controlled by “The Bank”.  Because work is scarce, money must be distributed to the people. Everyone is given a certain amount of currency units per month according to their needs, this is in addition to their food stamps.  “The Bank controls the money, therefore, all digits transferred to the government for it’s social benefits and other projects is borrowed by the people and must  be paid back with interest - it is basically still the same old Federal Reserve. Banks make profits by charging fees every time one makes a purchase, or withdraws from ones account, as well as charging a fee every time money is deposited into an account.  Records of all purchases and transactions are kept and maintained by all banks and the information is freely available for all to see as there is no privacy in the new utopia because privacy is not equality.

As in the old republic and as many socialist nations tend to be, the new utopia is a nation of privileges, and those privileges are granted by the government. In order to better protect society from radicals and terrorists, tax evaders and those that would violate the codes of “safe speech”, licences and permits must be obtained for most everything - it is for the good of society.  Also for the good of society - all fire arms have been outlawed, the growing of your own food is outlawed and home-schooling is outlawed.  Christianity and traditional families and gender roles are seen as outdated theories which serve no purpose in society and slow-down progress to true equality, they have therefore also been banned and any citizen found to be participating in any of these “old fashioned values” will soon find themselves in one of the many corporate owned prisons, work camps, or re-education centers.  In Islamic communities Sharia courts have been established,  for all others, the court of The Peoples Party will determine the degree of  innocents or quilt in violation of the laws or criminal activities - theft is no longer seen as a crime, as need provides reason for the taking of and redistribution of property of citizens. - for example: if a person of color has need of something a white citizen has but does not have the means to acquire that object he is free to take it, if the presumed owner of that piece in question should object, he is in violation of the law - equality means sharing with those in need... and if one can afford something that another can not, then you do not need it as badly as the one who cannot afford it. There is no private property - only property that has been granted to citizens with the proper permits and licences. Everything and every person in the new utopia must be registered with The Peoples Party.

Religion is controlled by The Party, except for the Islamic religion which is allowed to continue with out interference from The Party, as Islam has always been oppressed by the white race it is now free to be practiced without question or objection.  Though traditional Christianity and Families have been banned, Islamic men are free to retain their cultural and religious traditions including taking multiple wives and enforcing strict brutal punishment such as honor killings.  For those foreigners wishing to receive any benefits that come with state granted privileges, they must abandon their previous religion in favor of the state run church of equality or have no religion at all.  The state does not believe in nor will it tolerate the teaching or preaching of God from any source outside of Judaism or Islam, which are the only groups allowed to have their own communities, their own schools, and their own traditions.

Progress -  Sounds lovely...

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I'm suppose to feel bad for not caring about 
all this stupid shit...
this game is about tribes

Thursday, May 14, 2020

so are you LEFT or RIGHT

Vikings in South America - ROBERT SEPEHR

As you go further into this video remember the Chachapoya - The Cloud warriors, a white tribe in the cloud forest of Peru that fled as the Incas grew in power... they had to go somewhere.  In our research we have come up with a couple of theories but this might become a new one.
there are many ancient tribes from many parts of the world that vanished - they did not die off and were not conquered or swallowed up by another tribe... they simple vanished... but in our theory I think I know what became off them... this is a game after all

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The dream is not over

a Public Response to Jackson and others 
who are wondering about The Iron Legion

Thanks -
You didn't by chance save any writings of Simon from The Iron Legion blog did you?

I had collected them all - unfortunately they are in a hard drive I cannot open...
I don't even have other copies of the stuff I wrote that he published over there...
Since the site went down I get a couple of emails a week of people asking what happened - will it be back and of course the regular what happened to Simon seekers... I have no answer - I wish I did - I miss that site - it inspired me and others as you know... this site was nothing until I started commenting at Iron Legion and the views exploded - but this site was and really still is far removed from what Simon was doing... and since I have come out of the closet as a Hard Right Monarchist (without a Monarch) - I still get men looking for more of something that resembles what Simon was doing... I feel bad for having no answers and not being able to fill those shoes... and in some way I feel obliged to carry on with Simon's message but I ended up forming a small tribe of my own and that turned into a business venture with more responsibilities and I have my own stuff going on... ya know... life and it constant bull-shit...

But I can tell you and others this - the dream is not over until you let it go or walk away from it... I have not walked away from it - In fact I keep moving closer and closer to the dream - I said I would keep you in the loop but the truth is there is nothing to inform you on - when something comes I will let you know... "Deringerville" has not happened - yet... but it does not mean that it will not... it just hasn't happened yet... people were interested in the plan but they could not abandon and walk away from their responsibilities and the regular bullshit of everyday life - for whatever reasons... that is alright - it is as you stated once - a big project... but it will happen - others have done it, I know I can do it too - it was and I believe still is Simon's dream - in fact I hope he built it somewhere in Europe...

And here for those that never read it and for those that need a refresher is where to begin...

Separation In Place

By Simon Wolfe

 First Published at The Iron Legion

The need for separation, on many levels, is clear. This is my outline for a system I call separation in place. It is my initial thoughts, and is far from the actual nuts and bolts of what would be required to enact it, however even this basic outline runs to over three thousand words as it is, so make yourself comfortable and take as long as you need.

The Need to Separate

Democracy has been a rigged game since the start, and it will only get worse for us, so we deem it better not to play. Voting is pointless and is against reactionary principles by default but the resurgence of nationalist and quasi-nationalist political parties in Europe is an encouraging sign of both a growing nationalist sentiment and a lack of trust in the established political parties and the democratic framework within which they work.

The fact remains however, that we will not survive democracy and we need to organise and prepare in such a way as to exercise the self defence of ourselves as a distinct people as enshrined in natural law. There are moral principles which are far older than the laws written by men. A man’s survival is one of them, and so is the survival of a people. In a conflict between our survival and the laws of men, our survival takes precedence.

There is no place for men or tradition in modern society. Instead of complaining or doing backflips trying to re-engineer ourselves into modern society, the proper masculine response is to make a new society. A society within a society. If that means that the society with no place for men and tradition is destroyed, then so be it. This is the path modern society is heading down anyway. A society with no place for men and tradition is doomed, as it has excised the forces which bind it together. Such a society deserves death, and it is inevitable. Our society will be designed to withstand the collapse of the current order, and preserve our people and traditions.

People are waking up to this and are beginning to question the validity of the status quo, and we must be there to show them the answers to their questions. There are people who may not identify themselves as reactionaries but who are increasingly dissatisfied with the modern world and we must show them the way out. I specifically used the word show there. There is a simple but fundamental maxim in writing: show, don’t tell. People do not want to be told, they want to be shown. Showing is far more powerful than simply telling. Tell a man that it was a dark and stormy night and he will switch off. Show him the howling of wind and the crack and bang of the storm as it lights up the trees and you are speaking to his soul.

We need to stop telling people and start showing them. People know the system doesn’t work but they are fed up with hearing about it. They shrug their shoulders and say ‘what can we do?’ We will show them. People talk of the power of ideas but ideas are only given power when they are turned into action by men. This is how we will show them.

Separation In Place

We must hit the eject button and bail out from a broken, failing and increasingly hostile system. We must separate on a physical, spiritual, moral and financial level. There is no physical place left for us to retreat to, no unclaimed territory we can colonise, and nor should we wish to, so we must do what I term ‘separate in place’.

Separating in place means creating a society within a society. A civilisation within a civilisation. Although we may have to co-exist within the physical boundaries of an existing system, we become increasingly divorced from it as our strength grows. It means taking responsibility for our community and our interests ourselves, instead of abdicating them to a government and a system which is showing itself as increasingly disinterested, amoral and hostile. Is there a moral difference between those who invade our communities and those who invite and encourage them to do so, and subsequently turn a blind eye to the crimes they commit?

Third world immigrants do exactly this process of separating in place when they come to our countries. They occupy the same spaces as us, but do not integrate. They converse in their native tongue. They build places of worship for themselves. They have their own schools, shops and businesses that cater to and employ only their own people. They don’t settle at random, they congregate together and take over communities. They create no-go zones that are hostile to outsiders and dismissive of the law and police have neither the will nor ability to change that. Local government means very little to these communities. They police themselves according to their own laws and customs. They have their own courts. They have their own hierarchy and forms of government entirely separate from our own. They do all this in spite of the law  and government largely acquiesces to their will and these insular societies are flourishing whilst the larger indigenous society around them declines. They are preserving their traditions, their faith, their customs and fashions in a society that is losing all of that. This then, working within the system but separate and against it, and for ourselves, is what we should be doing.

Separate Physically

Separating in place means gradually divorcing ourself from government whilst still occupying the territory that it notionally controls. One of our biggest shortcomings is our dispersal through a highly atomised society. As society declines further we will become increasingly isolated and vulnerable unless we concentrate our forces and band together. This means taking the talk offline and meeting in person. It means living closer together to one another. It means evacuating the soulless multicultural urban centres and retaking the land. Ideally this means rural communities made up entirely of traditional minded families and founded on reactionary principles.

This is a lofty goal, and may not be immediately achievable for many. This is a project that will outlive us, and may not be fully realised within our lifetimes. We are planting the seeds of a new society that will emerge from the ashes of the current one. Anything you can do today that will take you from your current position and move you towards the desired end point is a tiny victory in a long war. However we must remember that the system is unsustainable and will fail eventually, with or without our help. We must ensure that we are ready for it, and prepared to survive it.

We’ve already briefly touched on what can be done to identify and recruit people who think the same as us and create new communities, and it is also very well laid out here at the wonderfully written Southern Reaction blog ‘Losing the Creek’ under the principles of Reaction Implies Action. The imperative is to build, with one eye on the desired goal, however far away that may take, and the intermediate steps we can take to get us there.

This strategy of creating cohesive communities separate from the existing order will bring us into greater conflict with a government that wants to keep squeezing us for taxes in order to further attack us. The more resistance we exert, the greater attention and conflict we bring on ourselves. We need to measure our resistance against how much conflict we can bear. Resisting too strongly without sufficient support will attract negative attention and a possibly violent response that we are not yet strong enough to withstand. But where we do have some measure of local, popular support, not resisting strongly enough is a wasted opportunity. We must calibrate the strength of our resistance to the support we have and adjust our strategy accordingly.

With regards to our active resistance we should seek to be slightly ahead of the curve with respect to popular support. That is, separating and resisting slightly more aggressively than popular opinion would allow. We are a movement heading rightward and our leading edge should be slightly to the right of the right hand edge of the Overton Window. Lead, project strength and people will follow and as more people follow, our support will grow. As our support grows so will that right hand edge of the Overton Window follow to catch us, allowing us to resist yet further. We do not wait for opportunities, we seize the initiative and create them. The fourth commandment of the Fallschirmjäger: ‘Be calm and prudent, strong and resolute. Valour and enthusiasm of an offensive spirit will cause you to prevail in the attack.’

The Blood of Heroes

This is of course, the dangerous talk of madmen. Remember, any time people have won their freedom, they did it by circumventing or opposing the laws of men. The American revolutionaries created their nation by breaking the law. They were men who had a quarrel with the existing order. Their support wasn’t universal.  In the early days there were still many loyalists who were content with the status quo, but the revolutionaries, like us today, were not content to accept the soft yoke of slavery, no matter how well disguised it was. The revolution began slowly. Active resistance to the empire started as bands of disaffected men turning to smuggling to avoid paying taxes towards a system they believed offered them no representation and was violating their natural rights. As the Empire attempted to exert its authority, popular support for it waned, the revolutionaries grew bolder and took up arms. Whether by accident or design, the revolutionaries had managed to advance their resistance in line with the depth of popular support for their cause. Eventually the war was won, the Empire withdrew and a new civilisation founded on principles was born.

“The blood of the heroes is closer to God than the ink of the philosophers and the prayers of the faithful.”     – Julius Evola

Old power structures eventually collapse and die. Eventually the British Empire evaporated entirely. I don’t think that anybody could seriously suggest that Britain will ever pursue or prosecute the descendants of the revolutionaries for the crimes they committed in the pursuance of their natural rights. So too will the current order die. We will make our own society, built to withstand the collapse of the current one. There will be a struggle in its death throes but eventually we will remain standing and there will be nothing left of it to attack us.

Separate Spiritually and Morally

The separated community needs to be founded on distinct principles of faith and morality. Our faith and moral values are rooted in the traditions of our ancestors and are not subject to the whims and interpretations of modern progressive society. If people wish to remain as members of the community then they must adhere to these principles.

The separated community is a reaction to the erosion of faith, tradition and identity in the modern world by those who want to preserve these things. There must be a clear definition of those who are in the community, and those who are not. It’s them and us. An inclusive society where everybody is free to join is exactly the problem we are seeking to avoid.

There will be order and rules, and those who wish to be a part of the community will obey them and those who can not or will not will have to take their chances out in the modern world. The ideal situation is a successful and attractive community that preserves traditional values, seduces like-minded people away from the failing modern world and encourages them to stay and fulfil their obligations because of the advantages of being a part of that community.

If people don’t want to live in a society that believes in Christian values, tradition and separated gender roles then they are free to stay in the modern world with its collapsing financial system, the erosion of liberties and morals and their children under attack by a dangerous progressive decline. They can find their own way to protect themselves from the decline of society. This however, is our solution and you are either in or you are out.

There are young girls growing up dreaming about getting married and having children but men shy away from marriage because they perceive it as a risky bet, and in modern society it is. In our new, re-forged society we will return marriage and family to its previous position as the cornerstone of society. In our new society, promiscuity and divorce will be frowned upon as it always was.
People will no longer be able to skip out on their responsibilities like they can in modern society. Nobody will be a prisoner, but they will be expected to adhere to their responsibilities and those that fail to do so would no longer be a part of the community. When our society is demonstrably safe, happy and successful, being cast out back to the ruins of the modern world will be the most powerful deterrent to amoral behaviour. In more ancient times it was not death, but exile that was often the most serious penalty.

The members of our society are those alive today, those who are yet to be born, and those who have lived before. Just as we need to think that all the boys are our sons, and all the girls are our daughters, so too are all the elderly our parents. They are the link between ourselves and our ancestors. We need to fight back against the atomisation of our society, and protect the most vulnerable members.

Be actively engaged in your community. If you see an elderly neighbour who needs a fence repaired, or their yard is overgrown, offer your help, for free. Maybe their family moved out of town, or they have been waiting six months for the local council to do something. Anything you can do to delegitimise the existing system, demonstrate its ineffectiveness and lack of humanity, strengthens our position. Everybody knows that the existing system is amoral and inhumane but they don’t know what to do about it. They don’t want to hear yet more complaints about it. Show, don’t tell.
One day that elderly person’s relatives may call round to thank you for taking the time to repair that fence or clean up their yard. That is your opportunity to tell them why you did it. Gently, at first. Explain the community that we are building. The left talk peace and love, but what they do is protest, demonstrate and lean on the implicit violence of government to enforce their agenda. There is a dissonance between what they say and what they do. Reactionaries don’t stand on corners, we build cornerstones.

In the modern world, where everything is reduced down to its monetary value, the offering of your time for free is unusual all by itself. People will be surprised, fascinated and curious. To quote the great Romanian nationalist leader Corneliu Codreanu’s law of silence: ‘Speak little. Say only what you must. Speak only when necessary. Your oratory should be deeds, not words. You accomplish, let others talk.’ Or to put it more succinctly, show, don’t tell.

Separate Financially

I would venture that at its most fundamental level we just need land and the men to work it and defend it. With faith, everything else will follow from that. Men will work the land and provide the resources to the community. With land and people we can supply our own food and water. We can build our own homes. We can do the wiring and the plumbing. We can provide the security, police and justice systems. We are the disaffected men who already do this for a hostile system. Instead we should be doing this separately, for ourselves. Leave the world that hates us and see how it fares without our support.

By working together there would be a surplus of resources that could be traded with the outside world. We are not particularly interested in the paper money of the outside world, but it has its uses and we are not entirely removed from the system. We are separated, but still in place. For the moment there are still land taxes to be paid, and they can only be paid in cash.

As much as possible, people, and eventually the communities they form, should be self-sufficient. Do not rely on big utility companies for your needs. Collect rainwater and sink a well and get fresh water from the ground, for free. Generate as much electricity from solar, wind or water power as you can and reduce your dependence on the grid. Burn wood or coal that you gather yourselves. This is the way humans have survived for centuries and it no less possible today.

Even as an individual family there are steps one can take to separate from the system financially. Remember separation in place is a gradual process, it is not going off the grid overnight. Do as much as you can with what you have available. If you need more space then move. Grow your own food, even if all you have available is a small vegetable patch. Keep a few hens for eggs, or fatten up a pig. Keep bees and you will have more honey than you know what to do with. Trade within the community, hold onto the value of your labour and pay no taxes to the government. These are all little things which grant you increased independence from a failing system that will one day collapse. 

These are small steps on a long journey and every thing you can do takes you further from the clutches of the existing system and closer towards the goal. The revolution starts at home, with you.
That is not to say that we should forgo all of the trappings of modernity. We are after all separating in place, not exiling ourselves to the desert. We will not deprive ourselves of useful things like antibiotics and modern medicine. These things were invented by our ancestors, it would be arrogant and foolish to turn our backs on them. There are some things that a small community cannot do alone, and until we are strong enough to provide these things for ourselves, they will have to be scavenged from the old world. Accusations of unfair double standards? Who cares. Survival is the moral imperative.

Everyone should seek to limit the amount of money they provide to the system. Money provided to the government will only be used against you in one way or another, be it as foreign aid, progressive propaganda in schools or subsidising urban black criminals to reproduce. This is separation in place remember, so limiting the amount ones pays in taxes is done aggressively and incrementally in line with law and the weight of support.

Welfare and public money is an interesting case. While on the one hand we disagree with the forced redistribution of wealth by government, it is a weapon to use against the current order. Although fundamentally opposed to the modern something-for-nothing welfare state I believe that everybody should extract as much money from the system as possible in order to accelerate its decline, especially while it would demand land and property taxes levied against our bought and paid for land. Unfair double standards? Again, who cares? Use the enemy against itself.

As the government debt piles up, its legitimacy shrinks. As taxes rise in line with bloated public spending and to service the increasing public debt, more people will reject the current system. Money the government spends on welfare is money that they cannot use to fight us.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

What the heck am I looking at?

I need Help...

From some one waaay smarter than me.

Three nights ago I went outside to look at the super moon at 4:15am – looking up from El Paso, Texas.

After a few minutes of just standing there looking up at the moon I notice a red glow rising up from the top of the full moon – it looked like flame rising up from the moon then it turns into a bright red glowing sphere behind the moon – it is only part of a sphere as it is hidden behind the moon. It lingers for a little while then fades out then it starts up again with the rising flames and then the big red glow comes into focus.

I have gone out to look up at the moon last night and the night before and the same thing – I would go out at different times – last night as soon as I looked up the glow was there – I didn't have to wait for it. - I thought it was an optical illusion so I tried to get a different perspective of the moon to see what would happen so I walked under a large tree in the yard and looked up at the moon through the branches and the leaves and damn it... the glow came in very clear – it looked like a small sun (the size of the moon) behind it – no fading in and out I could see it clearly!

So I run inside and grab my camera but the glow of the moon was too bright to get an image of the red glow... camera is a NIKON coolpix s4000.

So my question is – for some one smarter than me that knows astronomy – maybe, Pascal, can tell me what the heck am I seeing – an optical illusion, space gases, something in the atmosphere that is causing this... last night after coming back in I tried to find answers online for a couple of hours but got nothing – I did find a site where someone else was asking the same question – but no answer... what is that red glow behind the moon – it looks like an eclipse of some sort.

since I posted this I have been searching again online for an image that resembles what I see – but nothing.
I hope others here will look up wherever they are and tell me if they see the same thing – some one suggested to me through email (I posted this on my site as well) that it was an illusion caused by my eyes going out of focus for staring too long, but the problem with that is – 1. when I first looked up last night and I could clearly see it with out waiting for it to fade in and 2. when I looked up at the moon through an opening in the leaves on the tree – that eliminated a lot of the glow from the moon and I could clearly see the the red glow – it actually looks pretty awesome… I don’t know if its part of the super moon event or what and I can’t believe I can’t find an image… I can’t believe I am the only one that sees this cause it’s actually pretty cool to look at.

Best Answers -
From Mawm: Refraction of light on the red end of the spectrum by an interface between two layers of air at different temperatures. Similar to the thermocline that submarines use to hide from sonar.

From Jackson: If you had the same high winds we recently had, the red glow might be caused by dust in the air.

If it is just some form of illusion I gotta say - I am more that a bit disappointed... because it really is an awesome sight if you get a chance to view it  - and honestly I was hoping for... a big red "Death Star"... a sign of Judgement Day... ya know...

Saturday, April 25, 2020

The Fall of Lucifer - Robert Sepehr

Long ago when gods still walked among mortal kind, there was an eagle who lived peacefully alongside a serpent inside a great tree. Never did the two have any quarrel with the other. Both reared their young in separate parts of the tree, until one day, while the serpent was out hunting for food, the eagle decided to gobble up its neighbor's children. On returning to its nest, the serpent was horrified to finds its babies gone and so laid down and cried. The god Shamash saw the snake's plight, and suggested to it a plan of action. It was to hide inside the carcass of an ox, and there wait until the eagle came to feed.

This the serpent did, and on the arrival of the great bird it wrought a most terrible revenge. First it caught the eagle, then it broke its 'heel'. Then it plucked out its feathers and finally it threw the bird into a deep pit.

Meanwhile, down on the plains, Etana, the king of Kish, was sad. His queen had borne him no child, and he did not wish to die without an heir. There seemed but one answer to this problem. He had heard that there existed among the mountains 'the plant of birth', which could make barren women fertile. If only he could find a way to ask the gods of heaven where he might obtain this great drug. In desperation, he cried, and the god Shamash heard his calls, and provided an answer. Etana must befriend and rescue the eagle from the pit, and then enlist its help in finding 'the plant of birth'. This Etana duly did, and once the bird had been given its freedom, it flew over the mountains in search of 'the plant of birth'. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful in its quest and so suggested that they visit Ishtar, The Mistress of Birth, who would provide an answer.

The eagle then said to Etana: 'Be glad, my friend. Let me bear thee to the highest heaven. Lay thy breast on mine and thine arms on my wings, and let my body be as thy body.” Etana agreed to this plan, and the couple climbed together towards the heaven of Anu. They soared higher and higher into the sky, as the earth gradually grew smaller and smaller. Finally they reached the gate of heaven and, after bowing down together, entered inside.

As told in the book “From The Ashes Of Angels”

by Andrew Collins.

But there is another story still, of the war between the Serpent and the Eagle (or Vulture) – a much older story still - that I have pieced together as we (my nameless research partner and I) formulated our theory that may get us into trouble – or at the very least label us insane and we loose are credibility with the world. That theory was born around the same time we took a deeper look into the Sumarian story of Enki and Enlil – no the serpent and the eagle is not those two but the serpent we can say is Enki – the Eagle represent another of the Angel clan of Annunaki... and that is where the whole theory – Which we call “The Creation Game Theory”, get's all F*cked up.

Yeah - I said Angel Clan - this is about tribes - not ancient spacemen.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

More Wuhan Flu Shinanigans... connecting some dots.


In all honesty and in all sincerity, I am not afraid of this current virus - it seems we have a new one every two years... and I am sure we have not all been told the truth of it - if there is a truth to be known.

What does worry me and what I think about the most are the effects of this situation on our society and the societies of other countries - the economic collapse, social unrest, martial law, forced vaccination, biometric tracking IDs - and perhaps the detention and disappearance of dissidents  - is the one world government finally upon us... maybe...

Friday, March 27, 2020

Monday, March 23, 2020

Don't Panic - We Prepped


Don't Panic... We prepped.

Baloney and salami sandwich... with a little mustard? I'm in.

Spam and Guacamole burritos? Two please!

Fried noodles with sausage and franks? Fill 'er up...

I am a simple man with simple needs if the truth must come out this is the time and place... I don't need a fancy life... and I have tried it.

Once in Albuquerque one of my fancy brothers took us to a trendy eatery – they had no idea how to use herbs and spices and my mashed potatoes had too much garlic... my fancy brother said I was just not used to “high class food”... I have me a little chuckle every time I remember that conversation – as my friends know, I worked for many years in the food service industry – and I was lucky enough to have lots of “high class” meals for free or at the least at a very generous employee discount... but brothers and sisters... you haven't had a meal until you've had your cousin Dash Deringer's Spaghetti Special... oh yeah... and some of you ladies out there know exactly what I am talking about...

(Fancy people make me laugh but I can only be around them for a short time... because they are delicate and I offend...)

Don't get me wrong – I can whip up some fancy meals but because I am mostly alone it is simple food. omelet... noodles... rice... cold-cuts.. I am good like that – I don't eat much any how so there is plenty to last. I learned my lesson a long time ago to prep when times are good for those rainy days that last for a while.

There is someone I am close to in my family that I was trying to get to prepare their house for the last ten years but they never did until a couple of weeks ago when another relative called them to say – you need to buy food and supplies... and I watched her panic... all I could do was shake my head... and watch...

The world is confused and in places they are panicking. No-one, I think, really knows the truth about this ridiculous virus... but countries are in lock down and store shelves are emptying out as fast as they are being stocked... crazy people loosing their minds for toilet paper and water... as I stroll over to the cold-cuts and sausage... canned beans... and grab some veggies and fruit... because I don't really need to stock much... maybe more coffee... and soda... (my vices).

These crazy people in panic are the same ones that put down those that prep and preach prepping – we are referred to as hoarders now... by those that are panicking and fighting in the isles for double-ply...

Bachelor Prepping Made Simple
(now that you have learned your lesson)

You should, of course already have means of protecting yourself along with the knowledge of how to do so – this is prep number one.

The rest could be done slowly when times are good... when you go shopping buy two of everything (Simon would say). When you are out of one go back to the store and get two - take the extra one (of what-ever) out of the cupboard and replace with the two new ones, and when that (one) item is done go back to the store and get two – again take one out of the cupboard and replace with the two new... now you are building your pantry – simple... buy two (or three).

Here's the equation:

Buy 2 – store one use one
when one is done buy two
now you have three (in your store)
use one – when done
buy 2 – get it.

That is how you slowly build your prep pantry when times are good. You can also build your preps as a single man buy alternating weeks in the isles... because most men don't really need to buy groceries every week – one week just stock up on hi-gene and cleaning supplies, next week it's food, next week it's “protection preps”, next week hi-gene and cleaning until you have put together enough supplies for at least six months... and then just finish building your pantry...

You don't have to make a big deal out of it – but when those rainy days come – we don't panic, because we prepped – it is useless to try to get your family members to prep – but because they are family – mention it – they will most like roll their eyes at you... you tried... move on... but don't talk about it. Don't mention it and don't make it obvious that you are prepping... you are just buying two... that's it.

If you are living a simple and minimal lifestyle – you will have money put away – with some cash stashed at home too... again, because you are a single man that does not need much... you can build an emergency fund the same way... take one weeks pay and put it away – once (and for some) maybe twice a month – every other check isn't touched... we don't need it – prepping is easy – just keep your mouth shut about it and live your life. Waiting for the president to announce a national emergency is too late – that is panic time for the rest of the world... but you kick your feet up with a cold drink and a bacon sandwich and a can of Pringles and wait for the chaos to ease up a little before you go back into a store...

At least that is how I see it from the bunker.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Prehistoric Hobbit Village Discovered - ROBERT SEPEHR

Here is a very important video.
Keep this in mind - this is all about tribes
and in this day and age the majority of the West
are playing for the wrong team.


Friday, March 6, 2020

Chasing Dragons

"So is it going to be the Grail Quest or is it going to be the Wasteland?  Are you going to go on the creative soul's quest or are you going to pursue the life that only gives you security? Are you going to follow the star of the zeal of your own enthusiasm? Are you going to live the myth or is the myth going to live you?"

Joseph Campbell 

I have been out chasing dragons... for little over a year - the story is a strange one - I fell into that adventure and by the time I realized what had happened we were too deep into the rabbit hole and when we tried to step away from it all we found that we could not - Destiny... had us in her grip at last - but I am told that we just collided... and that was what I had gone out looking for years ago anyhow... 

But this was far from my imaginings - though the Shaman says everything and everyone in my life was a step toward this - and I do not believe in coincidence - as you know... so here I am...

Oh - by the way - all that tribalism stuff... it is a lot more important than you think - in a much grander scale - pay close attention to those Robert Sepehr videos  - they are a link (clues - but you have to put the pieces together yourself... we can't come right out and tell you).

I have also found super glue strength to seal my hard right beliefs - Monarchist hard right beliefs - turns out on this journey I have discovered we are surrounded by Monarchies - they are everywhere - all around you - you might even know one and have come in contact with one of his/her peoples - they are everywhere - and they are all hard right - the name of the "game" is survival... but as the little glitch has just reminded me I have gone too far... and we end this letter here.

Flood Myths of Mesoamrica

Friday, February 21, 2020

Monday, January 20, 2020


The time has come now... the dragons rise from their slumber
I too must pick up my sword and shield and earn my place among them
Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
for my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced or cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how the straight the gate,
How charged the punishment the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley