Thursday, June 25, 2020

The New Utopia

A Lefty Wet Dream
first published June 17 2016 
As part one of "A Tale Of Two Countries"

For this we will use our imagination... let’s just say... there was no revolution... there was no civil war.

Let’s just say that our wise “elected” leaders actually put it to a vote and the citizens decided to divide the country in half - North and South, or East and West and each half would get the same amount of square miles... alright, lets just say that we divided the country East and West so that both halves have a coast... so that the equality babies don’t make a fuss... and our wise “elected” leaders gave the citizens a choice between the too halves to choose from in which to relocate for new citizenship in two new countries formed out of this old republic.

One country shall be a liberal socialist utopia where everyone is equal and safe from any harm  - be it emotional or physical, the whole of the country is a safe space for the delicate and fragile sensibilities of the obese, the gay, the trans, the green haired... everyone of every race, color and sexual orientation and identity will never need a trigger warning as free speech has been chiseled down to the politically correct “safe speech”, which is the only accepted vernacular of the land, and all truths, if found to be hurtful or going against the popular opinions of The Peoples Party is outlawed.  There is no criticism, no debate, and no alternate opinion - there is no questioning the wisdom of The Peoples Party.

In this paradise of equality abortions are paid  for by the state and are encouraged  to keep the white population down, Heterosexual unions are illegal and marriage is only permitted between homosexual men and women who are also the only ones allowed to raise children as normal families, single mothers are allowed children, of course, but the fathers of their children will not be allowed to visit or participate in the upbringing of the children as heterosexual men have been proven to be a bad influence on children - however, the men must still pay child support for these children - that is, half their currency units on their monthly units ration must go to the mothers for the children - single mothers have the option of working or not working in the new utopia.  If a single mother should later decide she no longer feels the need to be a mother she is free to deliver her children to one of the many public or privately owned child care centers where the child can be placed with a loving homosexual couple or the child may be peacefully put down so  it’s body parts can be sold to the medical industry for reuse.

Competition and free commerce have been outlawed as well and there are no  jobs available to heterosexual white men without a working permit that is only granted after proof has been given by a corporation that an individual will be hired, and the men must first take an examination of “Social Competence” to determine ones tolerance and acceptance of their “white privilege”..  Because of the equality and sensitivity laws, exercise and healthy lifestyles are also not permitted to white heterosexual males - strong fit men are seen as confident, aggressive and dominant and may have the tendencies to start thinking for themselves and seek to question the authority of The Party, therefore, all white males are medicated  from an early age in order to make them more docile and submissive and effeminate.  Only men of color are allowed to express their individuality by strengthening their bodies..

In the People’s Paradise equality is the rule among the guilty white population.  You will all have the same houses with the same sized yard, you are allowed to grow a garden but you must not  have more plants and flowers than the houses around you and you will not be allowed to make any additions or improvements to your home if they make your domain more beautiful than your neighbors - this would be insensitive and offensive, only homosexual couples, single mothers, and immigrant refugee families are allowed houses, men live in men’s housing units - which are areas similar to the old government housing projects of the old republic. There are no privately owned automobiles - they add to the green house gasses that contribute to climate change and have been outlawed, only members of the elite and the proletariat are allowed access to the publicly owned luxury cars which are driven by members of the designated special class of the liberated workers union made up mostly of immigrant refugees, all other citizens are free to use public transportation.
The Liberated Workers Union employs citizens loyal to the party for work in stores and governmental departments, public services, the military, and transportation. These jobs go to women and people of oppressed races including the trans-gendered.  To work for a corporation one must have a special workers permit as most of the corporations employ only foreign workers who are allowed into the country under a special workers visa for specialized work that the citizens can’t do for lack of education in those fields - because it is not permitted by the party. 

Money in the new utopia is controlled by the central bank - this new country has retained the fractional reserve system of the old Federal Reserve but actual cash has been outlawed. Now money is all digital and controlled by “The Bank”.  Because work is scarce, money must be distributed to the people. Everyone is given a certain amount of currency units per month according to their needs, this is in addition to their food stamps.  “The Bank controls the money, therefore, all digits transferred to the government for it’s social benefits and other projects is borrowed by the people and must  be paid back with interest - it is basically still the same old Federal Reserve. Banks make profits by charging fees every time one makes a purchase, or withdraws from ones account, as well as charging a fee every time money is deposited into an account.  Records of all purchases and transactions are kept and maintained by all banks and the information is freely available for all to see as there is no privacy in the new utopia because privacy is not equality.

As in the old republic and as many socialist nations tend to be, the new utopia is a nation of privileges, and those privileges are granted by the government. In order to better protect society from radicals and terrorists, tax evaders and those that would violate the codes of “safe speech”, licences and permits must be obtained for most everything - it is for the good of society.  Also for the good of society - all fire arms have been outlawed, the growing of your own food is outlawed and home-schooling is outlawed.  Christianity and traditional families and gender roles are seen as outdated theories which serve no purpose in society and slow-down progress to true equality, they have therefore also been banned and any citizen found to be participating in any of these “old fashioned values” will soon find themselves in one of the many corporate owned prisons, work camps, or re-education centers.  In Islamic communities Sharia courts have been established,  for all others, the court of The Peoples Party will determine the degree of  innocents or quilt in violation of the laws or criminal activities - theft is no longer seen as a crime, as need provides reason for the taking of and redistribution of property of citizens. - for example: if a person of color has need of something a white citizen has but does not have the means to acquire that object he is free to take it, if the presumed owner of that piece in question should object, he is in violation of the law - equality means sharing with those in need... and if one can afford something that another can not, then you do not need it as badly as the one who cannot afford it. There is no private property - only property that has been granted to citizens with the proper permits and licences. Everything and every person in the new utopia must be registered with The Peoples Party.

Religion is controlled by The Party, except for the Islamic religion which is allowed to continue with out interference from The Party, as Islam has always been oppressed by the white race it is now free to be practiced without question or objection.  Though traditional Christianity and Families have been banned, Islamic men are free to retain their cultural and religious traditions including taking multiple wives and enforcing strict brutal punishment such as honor killings.  For those foreigners wishing to receive any benefits that come with state granted privileges, they must abandon their previous religion in favor of the state run church of equality or have no religion at all.  The state does not believe in nor will it tolerate the teaching or preaching of God from any source outside of Judaism or Islam, which are the only groups allowed to have their own communities, their own schools, and their own traditions.

Progress -  Sounds lovely...

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