Friday, March 6, 2020

Chasing Dragons

"So is it going to be the Grail Quest or is it going to be the Wasteland?  Are you going to go on the creative soul's quest or are you going to pursue the life that only gives you security? Are you going to follow the star of the zeal of your own enthusiasm? Are you going to live the myth or is the myth going to live you?"

Joseph Campbell 

I have been out chasing dragons... for little over a year - the story is a strange one - I fell into that adventure and by the time I realized what had happened we were too deep into the rabbit hole and when we tried to step away from it all we found that we could not - Destiny... had us in her grip at last - but I am told that we just collided... and that was what I had gone out looking for years ago anyhow... 

But this was far from my imaginings - though the Shaman says everything and everyone in my life was a step toward this - and I do not believe in coincidence - as you know... so here I am...

Oh - by the way - all that tribalism stuff... it is a lot more important than you think - in a much grander scale - pay close attention to those Robert Sepehr videos  - they are a link (clues - but you have to put the pieces together yourself... we can't come right out and tell you).

I have also found super glue strength to seal my hard right beliefs - Monarchist hard right beliefs - turns out on this journey I have discovered we are surrounded by Monarchies - they are everywhere - all around you - you might even know one and have come in contact with one of his/her peoples - they are everywhere - and they are all hard right - the name of the "game" is survival... but as the little glitch has just reminded me I have gone too far... and we end this letter here.

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