Friday, January 8, 2010

"Your poetry is so lyrical..."

She said your poetry is so lyrical
I bet she wishes it was more political
Don’t be too analytical
But everything else I post is too damn cynical

At least she isn’t critical
Of my quest which is so Biblical
for the love I seek is mystical
Not just something Physical

Though I may come off heretical
And my views conceived as radical
You should know I’m only being theatrical
Before I’m lost in my Sabbatical

So allow me to be whimsical
If my poetry seem the words of an imbecile
Who would like to be invisible
Cloaked by a love inexplicable
art work by Pam Powell


eMi said...

You forgot to mention that you're also being satirical!

dash deringer said...

satirical..... hmmmm.... damn it!!!
that's a good word.... I'll be sure to stick it into the second edition... thanks... and I really like your blog(s)... a lot!