Monday, May 28, 2018

The wedge between us...

First I want to let it be publicly known that I am with Tommy... and this situation is what the western world has to be very worried about, for I am certain that it will spread to other "free" countries... this could be the spark that lights the fire or it could be curtains for free speech... we'll have to wait and see, my friends

Second.  I want to thank those who still let me comment on their sites - seems my comments have been banned in five popular sites now... I know they can get too long, and I tend to ramble and sometimes take the long way 'round to make my point and sometimes I even forget what the hell the point was... it happens... but for whatever reason, other writers have chosen that my comments (or perhaps your cousin Dash in general) are not welcome... so be it...

At CrusaderRabbit today on the Topic of Tommy Robinson I said:

"There is a strong possibility that Tommy may die in Jail… if so will others rise up… or will they ignore it in silent fear of what the consequence will be if they dare to raise their voice… or make a comment about it online…
It is getting harder to understand how governments conned so many young men to go die to protect our freedoms if this is where we have ended up."

To which Pascal responded to with one of the best responses I have ever had on a comment - (It is in the top 5), and I want to share it with others... because it is, you will see, gold:

"You may have already noted that KG declared it a death sentence by plan. For committing journalism.

Victor, the process by which this came to this point is called the thin entering wedge. I prefer it to the other metaphors (camel’s nose under the tent; slippery slope) because the wedge is one of Archimedes’ simple machines: the inclined plane. Rulers since his time, and probably before so identified it, know of it. You know how a wedge works. In concert with one or two more, it can splendidly separate wood trim from panels and preserve the wholeness of both, so as to do with each what the woodworker wishes.

In war it comes in the form of wedge formations designed to separate rate troops so they cannot reinforce each other.

It politics it comes by introducing multiculturalism — tribal identities make it easier to take advantage of Tocqueville’s observation

a despot easily forgives his subjects for not loving him, provided they do not love each other.
Or it comes in the form of incrementalism. That is another meaning of progressive — the gradual separation of free men from their rights so that the ruler can deal with each individual as the ruler wishes.

We and those who came before us Victor, have been gradually, over many generations, separated from our rights, our freedoms. “It’s only a small matter, really.” Worked too well.

Are there yet sufficient numbers who know what freedom means and the obligations associated remaining to rebel? God knows."  

God knows, indeed...


Pascal said...

Thanks Victor. At 72 I'm lucky I know where I left my keys or why I went into the kitchen, but somehow I can recall much of history and current events, and from my professional life I still retain the art and skills that aids me in putting disparate things together so that they make some sense.

Sadly, none of what I wrote tells us HOW to fight back. It only addresses your question of how this rotten devolution to our rights and to civil order came to pass. I feel like our rulers are laughing at people who see what they've been up to and feeling powerless to stop them. Like they are bragging about their victory.

You know what is better than the God knows we ended our comments with? It is having faith that He has the last laugh.

dash deringer said...

"It only addresses your question of how this rotten devolution to our rights and to civil order came to pass"

- But you did it so eloquently... a precise and simple explanation to the question.
Reading this again today, what "they" have done, was also a simple trick they played on all of us... the solution - the remedy, must also be just as simple... shouldn't it?