Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Hunt Has Begun

 The Hunt Has Begun
"Dragon Song"
Victor Vogt

Let the ringing of bells draw them dragons near
Be true to your dream and live without fear
Sharpen your blades and wipe down your spear
The tales of the hunt - will not soon disappear...

Make your soul fire and your spirit steel
The hour of the hero will soon be revealed
Strap on your boots and your amour and shield
The hopes of our fathers - we will not yield...

The sun is hiding - behind  dragon clouds
The breath of the beast is all around
From outside the walls comes a terrible sound
But no sign of despair - in the legion is found...

All we can carry is all we shall take
Leave behind young maidens whose hearts we will break
And look not behind you - the old world we forsake
Out of the fire - a new kingdom we’ll make...

The brave and the strong march with honor and pride
Past the weak and the hungry with no place to hide
Let the banners  fly and the cavalry ride
With the strength of truth - steady at your side...

My quiver is full and my bow has been strung
Let loose the hounds - free them to run
Let the trumpets blow - let boys beat on the drum
We’ve painted our faces - and the hunt has begun...
G. M. Richards
"Idylls of The King"


Simon said...

I read it aloud and it sent shivers up my spine. Electric, and prophetic I feel...

dash deringer said...

It was inspired by a man with visions for a better world... thank you.