Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Christmas poem

I’m not in Paris where I thought I’d be
I’m not in Mexico City where they wait for me
I’m not with the one who haunts me in my dreams
Happy Christmas - alone I sing
Rome is still waiting but she’s drifting out of sight
And Buenos Aires will be there until New Years night
Birmingham and London are just memories - that’s all
At a lounge in Chicago I wait for the snow to fall

I’m not in Hong Kong - there’s no one there I know
I’m not in Tokyo - I want to see the neon glow
I wish I could trade this ticket for a one way flight back home
Seems all my "winter kisses" list have left me all alone
Rome is still waiting but she wont wait for long
Paris and Buenos Aires are singing the same song
The same time next year I’ll end up where I don’t belong
Seems that every Christmas I always get it wrong...


Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

Procura ser feliz, Dash, donde quiera que estés, amigo

Inna said...

Its the problem of us all, we never know where we'd like to be