Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reading McKuen


Shupe said...

Awe- shucky darn-
Child at my house this morning- and the movie is a tad loud- and so- I shall watch again- and listen again when I get to work!

Oh, that makes me sound like a good employee eh? LOL
Here's to hump day!

writingfool said...

beautiful, Poet...well-read.

mckuen saved me when, as an adolescent, i discovered the first stirrings of possibility within me...

my favorite lines by him:

"where were you when i was growing up and needed somebody"

(from "stanyan street and other sorrows", i believe...)


Chef E said...

Thanks for turning me on to this poet! like I say...good taste Dash!

Shupe said...

Meow! He does have a way with words as well! Can see why you like his writing so much- and where a bit of your inspiration comes from dear dashy poo!

Wonderful post!
***cute giggle there at the end!***

dash deringer said...

dashy poo...???