Sunday, January 25, 2009

One thousand variations

One thousand poems are all I'll leave behind
One thousand whispers colliding in my mind
One thousand hearts still breaking in my room
One thousand kisses that ended too soon

One thousand verses that can't find a home
One thousand faces and I'm still alone
One thousand tears that got lost in the rain
One thousand changes but it all stays the same

One thousand trips I've made around the world
One thousand pillows and I still can't find that girl
One thousand letters I still have to write
One thousand angels stand guard in the night

One thousand nights of passion with a harem I did share
One thousand lashes from the sheik I did bare
One thousand shadows turning corners in my head
One thousand tumbles still to be had in my bed


Shupe said...

And a thousand more to come as well Dash!

want this snow? I'm sick of looking at it falling over here outside my window. I need sunshine.
mmm word today=supet.

Shupe said...

I meant on the other side of the story- sorry- I was ahead of myself.

Chef E said...

That photo and your words leave me wanting...what I do not have...

Shupe said...

Not drinking the red, but alas the Kolsch Style- had to come and read again-
You're words put me in a good La La land

Ah, a little threesome picture to throw into your thousands of words and pages-
Hope you're well

what kind of word is ulgeop?