Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Savage Hearts

Do I dare wish upon a star
For love to tame this savage heart
Do I dare risk it all for you
To find out if it could be true
Do I dare climb to Heaven girl
To bring you back sweet Kuan Yin’s pearls
Do I put my fate in destiny
And pray it brings you close to me
Do I dare give you this song my dear
Will I keep it hidden for all time I fear
Do I dare gamble with the prince of lies
For the chance to dance inside your eyes
Do I dare dream of you tonight
And hold back the morning with all my might
Do I dare call down the stars above
To shine upon my savage love

1 comment:

Chef E said...

Nice...I keep my journals from when I was fifteen, even if they are juvenile ramblings of love that I had no idea, and use my long passed daughters notebooks to house my anger soon after...