Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It doesn't matter...

It doesn’t matter that I never said
the words you wanted to hear
It doesn’t matter that I didn’t try
to silence all your fears
It doesn’t matter that you tried too hard
to change the way I live
It doesn’t matter that you didn’t get
the best I’ve got to give

It doesn’t matter that the time we shared
was mostly in a bed
It doesn’t matter that the words I write
are for someone else instead
It doesn’t matter that you didn’t try
to put a little faith in me
It doesn’t matter that I didn’t trust you
with all the secrets I keep

It doesn’t matter if it was only lust
that I ever I felt for you
It doesn’t matter if I never said it
but the love I made was true
It doesn’t matter who was wrong
and it doesn’t matter who was right
It doesn’t matter anymore girl
- now we’re both lonely tonight...


Shupe said...

Almost feels like you're getting to the angry stage!


dash deringer said...

no... just didn't get any last night... and I didn't want to go out and have to look for it - too cold... and this is the part that sucks about the whole thing... other than that - I'm good.

writingfool said...

once again, beautifully written...
in matters of the heart, Poet,
nothing else matters in the end
but that one heart finds another
and they connect for whatever time they have...
everything else is only set dressing
each of us faces a choice whenever love beckons:
shall we merely dress the set for the play
or shall we become actors on that lonely stage?

Shupe said...

well- dear Dash
Not getting any has become a past time at this household!

Isn't that what imagination is all about?