Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do you believe in true love?

Do you believe in true love
Is it worth waiting for
Have you ever had love
And still wanted more
I never thought that I could
Feel this way again
I don’t think I can hide it
I don’t think I can pretend
But had I known the words I write
Would ever reach your soul
I would have waited
To see this book unfold

Do you believe in Heaven
And salvation for us all
I’m glad that it was you
Who helped me break the fall
Don’t know if I’ll ever tell you
I don’t know if I should
And if I ever found the words
I don’t know if I could

Do you believe in Karma
Do you believe in fate
Can you find the one you need
After it’s too late
Is there a way of knowing
The things I feel are true
Is there a way of knowing
It’s really all for you

Do you believe in magic
And wishing on a star
I have always wondered
Where and who you are
And all the words I squandered
In the twilight blue
Are best left forgotten
I’ve saved better ones for you

Do you believe in true love
Does it just happen one time
I’ll forsake the ghost I cling to
Just to make you mine
And though I am frightened
to give myself to you
I’m ready for the heart ache
That you’ll put me through
I’m willing to give you
All I’ve got left to give
If you keep the fire inside me burning
That I need to live

Do you believe in true love
Do you believe in me
Do you think I could be
The only one you need
Because my heart beats in strange rhythms
When I’m close to you
And the words I thought I’d never say again
Have turn my dreams to gold from blue
And if I never get to tell you
What’s so hard for me to show
you have given me more
Than you’ll ever know
...Do you believe in true love...


Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

Uno de los más bellos poemas de amor que jamás haya leido...
Abres tu corazón en cada verso y me ha emocionado sentir su latido.
Tiene que ser posible. Haz que sea posible.
Un beso, POETA.

dash deringer said...

Gracias amiga mia...gracias...

Shupe said...

Very well put Dash-
Sorry- I know that I've just not been around much as of lately- I guess you could say, I've been more busy not working than when I was working 50 hours a week! How does this happen?
This poem touched me deeply- Your words always do though-
Hope things are well-

OH- Fooglat! whoopie!