Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When a vampire falls in love

How many hearts have you broken
How many tears have you caused tonight
How many dreams have you stolen
As you were running from the light
How many whispers have you silenced
With the look of fire in your eyes
How many shadows have you danced with
In a masquerade of lies
Do you believe angels fall from Heaven
Do you believe the devil can be kind
Do you believe a curse can be broken
Then a vampire can fall in love

Can you hear the heart of the moon beating
Over the thundering echo of the stars
Is the center of your soul still bleeding
Are you still trying to hide your scars
How many oceans of time have you crossed
Looking for a place to hide
How can you run for ever
If true love never dies
Sometimes an angel falls from Heaven
Sometimes the devil can be kind
Sometimes a gypsies curse is broken
And a vampire falls in love

Do you remember the promise that you made her
And a vow that will always last
But even the night doesn’t last for ever
And you're lost between tomorrow and the past
You cannot escape what you shared with each other
So do not regret your dreams not coming true
If you should ever find a new lover
You just might be saved too
Because even an angel falls from Heaven
Even the devil can be kind
Even the darkest curse is broken
When a vampire falls in love...


The Gaelic Wife said...

Your poetry amazes me.

dash deringer said...

You just made my week...