Monday, April 20, 2009

Something like this

Maybe I’m just not ready for something like this
We can’t be together but I can’t live without your kiss
But there’s someone I can’t forget and she won’t let me go
I don’t know what love is yet - but she’s the only muse I know

Maybe I’m just not ready for true love to come my way
But I’ll keep you in my heart and be yours come what may
But there’s another who still haunts me and who’s eyes I can’t escape
Though you’re the one I want to be with - you may have come along too late

Maybe I’m just not ready for someone to call my own
Maybe dreams are the chains that bind me and will forever keep me alone
Though you maybe the one to free me - we stay a thousand miles apart
I’m best left in this prison cell where I can’t break your heart

Maybe I’m just not ready for something like this


Shupe said...

I can relate!
Sort of in a womanly way! :)


dash deringer said...

hey stranger... can you relate? sometimes I think to myself - what am I doing still chasing skirt at my age... I need to find someone and setle down... and then, when I'm in a relationship, I think... what the hell am I doing - I gotta get out this... this aint for me...

Shupe said...

it's the "you want what you can't have" issue in life isn't it?

I've been in that boat now for quite some time-
Until just a few months ago-
We'll see if I can keep this feeling going for some time!

dash deringer said...

something like that... or fear...or both