Saturday, April 11, 2009

She breaks my heart...

She breaks my heart a hundred different ways
with the tones of her voice and the things that she says
with her delicate fingers caught in my hair
and the waters of her eyes that trap me in her stair

She breaks my heart a hundred different times
with the dreams she inspires and these melancholy rhymes
when she cries out in passion in the dark of the night
and her moans of satisfaction when I’ve loved her just right

She breaks my heart with a hundred different words
with the ones in this poem and the ones I haven’t heard
with the whispers she uses to seduce me through the day
and her well rehearsed good-byes when she goes away

She breaks my heart and I wait around for more
with a hundred shattered pieces of my heart there on the floor
with sounds of words unspoken waiting to become real
and turn into the one poem that will tell her how I feel.

1 comment:

Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

No sabes lo conocida que me resulta esta historia...ese amor que viene y se va y vuelve a venir para volver a irse ... y rompe el corazón... y es agua entre los dedos...