Sunday, April 5, 2009


I know men who dream only of power
They want to hold the world in the palm of their hands
I know men who write of forgotten lovers
And passion that we will never understand
I know men who want to climb to Heaven
And jump into the arms of love
And I know men that a little more time - is all they dream of
I know men who find their dreams
Between a bottle and an empty street
Some on a crowded dance floor
And some between faded sheets
I know men who dream of revolutions
I know men who want to wear the emperor’s ring
But I don’t need to be a president or a king ...
You are gold to me


Chef E said...

Would you mind if I read this at my open mic Tuesday, Dash?

dash deringer said...

I don't mind at all - but would you record it for me... on video or audio...

writingfool said...

once was a time
i aspired
sought the reward
the treasure
thought the prize
justified the game
the bended rules
but i learned
there is but one prize
worth the winning
only one
a man's faithful heart
missed you, dash;
i'm back, for now...