Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For Shupe...

No dear Shupe, it is not just the women, it is how they were captured on film. Imagery is poetry without words... poetry in motion. Beauty is not always what you see but how you see it. This is beauty as well. I hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dash, this is Principesca -@_@- (or Virna, if you like). Thanks for your comment. I don't know very much how blogspot works, I'll hope you can read this one.
This is my MySpace address
probably if I move by WLS I'll write my blog on this account.
Have a wonderfull Xmas and Happy new Year,
take care.

Shupe said...

Absolutly LOVE it!
I love film, poetry, fine art, dance etc- all of the arts-
I was just givin ya a little poke poke nudge about the models! I have enjoyed every video you've posted!

But, I think this one is one of my favorites so far

Lena Wayback said...

I ain't Shupe, but that video was AMAZING!!!!!!

Beautiful indeed.

Shupe said...

I had to come watch that again after talking to me madre about it.

My 2 favorite parts are
The touching of the child's ear.
( I do that with my own- power there)

and the 2 of them holding each other tightly on the rock
(I do that too- favorite cuddle position)

I want the mittens!!!