Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paris Tonight

a Christmas poem

Snow is falling in Paris tonight
Christmas carols by candle light
I thought we’d be together by now
I must have got it wrong somehow
Pere Noel is on a crusade I hear
Mending all the broken hearts before the new year
In the paper I read "True love never dies"
They must have gotten a photo of the hope left in my eyes
My heart is calling me back to Mexico
Someone said the London rain has turned to snow
I rise from a storm in time to feel the thunder
But the kisses of a stranger pull me back under
Pere Noel wont get to me on time
In my own fantasy I’ve been left behind
Bon-Jovi once told me "true love is suicide"
Well, if this blonde doesn’t kill me
There’s no place left to hide
Snow is falling on Paris tonight
Still no winter angels in the city of lights
I thought we had a love that was strong
Even that one I think I got wrong
Pere Noel deliver this letter for me
In Mexico city is where she has to be
In tomorrow’s papers what will the headlines read
"Dash Deringer proves paper hearts don’t bleed"


The Gaelic Wife said...

If only...

She's very lucky or very undeserving. Or both.

Shupe said...


Do I need to go and kick her butt? I will? giggle- she is missing out on a very lucious man with a fragile heart made of fine gold

Chef E said...

Your photos, artwork and writing is wonderful...I will be back...