Monday, December 15, 2008

Maybe I'm crazy

...for a girl named Sandy

Do I have to write another letter
And post mark it with my heart
When can we get together
Or will it end before it starts
Do I have to write another love song
To let you know how I feel
How much more must I hold on
Before I know it’s real
Do I have to climb to Heaven
And jump from the stars
And if I fell once more from Heaven
Would I land in your arms
Do I have to fly to Venus
And carve your name on the moon
Distance and time between us
Has taught me to sing the blues
Do I have to hold back the oceans
And tie down all the clouds
Lock up all my emotions
Or scream your name out loud
Do I have to wait for ever
Before I can taste your kiss
But I would wait for ever
To know if true love exists

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