Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Deringer Files Update

A couple of long time Deringer Files readers have come up with a solution to satisfy their Deringer Files fix...

He said: "you used to publish the Deringer Report as a monthly news letter, why not bring that back and put more of the writings of Deringer Files in it"

"I would really like to read more of your writings for the legion, that stuff is really good and gives a lot to think about, as far as the direction I want to take my life in and the direction we are heading as a race and people and society".

She said: "maybe you should publish the Deringer Files as a news letter like the old Deringer Report---  I still have those and the old  paper 'Troubled Times' news letter that you put out a long time ago, that is how I first started reading you."

"you are a good writer and have a unique style in telling your life stories"

"I am sure I am not the only one stalking this site, is stalking the right word? Lurking, I mean to say lurking these Deringer Files, it would be nice to have something downloadable to open up and read on a lonely night, I have my favorite pieces that I open up and read over again, it is comforting, and to know that Dash is out there--- somewhere."

Dash Deringer says... sure, why not.

Look for "Deringer Files Volume I" to be out sometime in November, a downloadable journal for the readers of this site, I don't know where to put it up where you will be able to get it but I will look around and I am still thinking of putting up a web site For Deringer Files - not on a google site.

Thank you.

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