Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dash Deringer’s Advice to Young Men:


I will be forty eight years old in a few days... what a ride it’s been - especially the missing years and the wasted years weren’t all that bad either - there was always a lesson to be learned... and the girls... mamma mia, the girls... I have had some fine pussy my friends... most of them where insane and many were down right whores, sluts, tramps... liberated women or whatever the hell they call themselves - they were dirty bitches... but I will be fair, there were some along the way that were worth the wait and got some kindness and respect from me...but they still were not worthy of getting the very best of me... because they are, after all still girls in this modern world and despite of what others tell you, young friend - they are all the same... no matter where you go and how old they are, they are all the same.
Not bitter  - I have accepted  the reality of the observations and conclusions of all the women that have come and gone in my life - the reality of their actions, not the lies they repeat over and over... but the way they act and treat others and their manipulations and deceit, their attention whoring and need for drama and validation, their total lack of any honor or dignity or modesty and self respect.  Believe all you want to believe but here’s the truth - a woman who isn’t like that is wearing a hijab and there is a strong man holding her leash in on hand and a stick to beat her with in the other.

Women dig jerks... they love ass-holes... understand this and except this as gospel - a women is not going to ride in and save you like in the movies... a woman does not want a man that she needs to rescue nor can she.  She hates weak men and men that enable her foolish desires... she has no respect for the white knight telling her what she wants to hear, she has no respect for the white knight coming to her rescue on the internet, she has no respect for the white knight cheering her on “you go girl!” and most important, she is not going to thank you with sex and love and devotion for it... but that ass-hole who doesn’t respect her is going to bang her.

You will double your chances getting more women if you do this one thing - live your life in pursuit of your own fucking happiness.  Whatever it is that you are after you must go after that thing with all your mind body and soul, with all your faith and determination and you, my friend, will become a force of nature - the world will gravitate to you and around you... but I know you are a sexually frustrated young man and all work and no play will get to you  - so get a whore and get your ass back to building your dream.  The women will come to you.

But you are young and you don’t know yet what the hell you want out of life but want to get laid...  Come to terms with this truth - women will bang a loser douchebag - if he provides her with drama and an emotional roller coaster ride and he’s got some narcotics... she will fuck the shit out of you... think women hang with garage band douchbags because they have talent or wanna be gansta’ rappers because they are going places... no. 

If the only thing a woman is bringing to the table is her vagina - show her as little kindness and respect as you can - in fact set your standards so high with women that they have to work hard for that respect.  Don’t put her on a pedestal - she does not deserve to be there, she doesn’t want it and you will be disappointed when she leaves you for an ass-hole.  There is only so much bull-shit you can take from a woman before you snap - and they want to know how much in takes for you to break  - they want to see what you are made of - how will you respond to their shit tests.  I do one of  two things. 1) I think about captain Rhet Butler of ‘Gone with The Wind’ and wonder “what would Rhet do” and I do that - so pick your hero, real or fiction and ask yourself how that person would respond or react to something and do that. 2) a give her a ‘hmmmn...’  I am going to do my best to describe this - it is a half sigh half grunt breathing out from the nose with the lips closed while releasing a ‘hmmmn as you breath out while nodding your head slowly... sometimes I throw in a devious grin at the end... she isn’t going to know what the hell that means but it makes her wonder and worry and puts her on guard - I stumbled across that one by accident but it works... she will push you for your response but only because she is worried about what is going through your mind... walk away in silence if you can, if you are in a position where you cannot walk away then just keep that grin, look her dead in the eye and nod in agreement with whatever the fuck she said... it is a pretty good chance you are going to end up dumping this bitch or she will dump you - so really... fuck her like a whore one more time and get out... practice the ‘hmmmn’ like you would your poker face and master it... I know... fucking games - but remember we didn’t event the game or it’s rules... play your game with your rules and see how she responds to it.

Women want you to be consistent in your character - they want you to be a man - at all times. Say what you mean and mean what you say - do not bend or break for them... your will must be stronger than hers... your reality must be resolute and unchangeable... your frame must be firm and steady like a ship at the bottom of the sea - it’s not moving any more... that is who she wants to surrender to... the man that is in control of his emotions, his mind, his life and his destiny and he will not surrender non of it to anyone for anything - not even her.

Do you need money to get women - it helps, but not needed. If you are a man of strong character whether you are a douche or a monk and you show that you are the same man with or with out her, rich or poor, through good times or bad times... you are who you are without apologies, excuses or explanations... you will be more attractive to her... because that my friend is a man - good or bad... that is what makes a man.

Remember to never take anything she says too serious no matter how she says it but to judge her purely by her actions.  Lay down the law from the beginning of a relationship and be swift and just in punishing bad behavior. Dominate her and the relationship if it is a relationship you wish to maintain - you are the boss, the daddy... the king.  If you are just fucking her, don’t care so much about her... if she isn’t investing anything into the relationship - not cooking for you, cleaning for you, inspiring you and allowing you space and independence to pursue your dreams and is not supporting your efforts in bettering yourself and creating a better life... then, my friend, she’s just your whore, don’t get emotional over her. 

SEX - fuck her like there is no tomorrow... fuck her like you will be serving a life sentence in prison the next day... like you have been chosen for a suicide mission for your country and you know you won't be coming home... fuck her like she was your hostage and a S.W.A.T. team is waiting for you outside to take you out like a man should go - in a blaze of glory... because there is no tomorrow...

Women do not know what the hell it is that they want - they are followers, they need guidance, and they need a firm controlling hand - Feminism and Islam... is just another shit test. Feminism and Islam are not compatible, they are two ideas in conflict and at odds with each other - there is absolutely no room for feminism in Islam.  For a feminist to say that she accepts Islam is her openly stating that she accepts the dominance of a man... and that is what all women truly want - to be dominated and led by a man... not a boy that thinks he is but a man who knows he is - a man... but they will test you and push you and drive you to the edge to see if you are that man... and many unfortunate silly bitches have the shit beat out of them because they didn’t know when to stop.  Feminism is and always has been a shit test - the feminist/Islam marriage is the last card they have to play.  There is no room for slutish behavior in Islam. There are no marches for women’s rights in Islam.  There are no girls night out in Islam.  There is no abortion in Islam.  There is no divorce in Islam - when they held the women’s march after the new president took office in one photo of the event I saw a woman holding a sign up that had that girl Malala on it  - these woman where praising Islam and their acceptance of Sharia law and marching with signs that had Malala’s face on them - Malala was the young Pakistani  girl pulled out of a buss and shot by the Taliban for going to school - so what the fuck were these crazy bitches marching for - to empower women or to shoot the girls getting an education... confused?   Don’t be - it’s all a joke.  And this  feminism - loves Islam meme is the punch line.

Learn what you can about “game” - “game” is nothing more than understanding the psychology of women - the why’s and how’s of their thinking... making sense of their make no sense logic and emotionally driven choices... their insecurities and their fears and how to use it all to your advantage... use it for good or for evil but learn it and use it or find yourself alone for the rest of your life... If I recommend one book on the subject to help you out - it would be Robert Greens ‘the Art of Seduction’ - study it like you were going for your BAR exam... while you are at it go ahead and pick up ‘48 laws’ as well.

Love - I believe in love... I remember being in love - I remember how it made me weak for it and I remember the strength I gained from it... love, is a beautiful wonderful thing... and I hope to hold it in my hands once more... but...

I have been, since 1996, fucking them and dumping them, that now... I wouldn’t know what to do with love if it found me... nor would I even trust in it anymore... and believe it or not I am on a quest for a woman to have children with... but, as I have said before - I have never known a woman that married for love... why should I...

And that young man is the price you pay for a life of chasing woman in this modern world - you lose your innocence and you lose faith in all of them.


Anonymous said...

Well, Damn!!! You mentioned Rhett . . . he walked away a sore loser---mark my word!!! I've always thought "Gone With The Wind" should have ended differently. After Rhett says his famous line . . . Scarlett (my girl) should have said, "Good riddance" and slammed the door on his ass as he was leaving. . .
And, where I do I sit ... why on my pedestal of course . . .just ask my husband of 21 years. He's the king and I'm the queen and he treats me like a queen every day----I expect nothing less!!

dash deringer said...

I had to start modifying the comments because I was getting bombarded with spam - I still am, that is one persistent little French man, and I am getting comments from people talking shit that just is ridiculous... but this comment above is just plain dumb (but it made me laugh - so it goes through)... probably one of those modern girls who got some sucker to marry her just as she hit the wall after her tour on the cock carousal... she says "Good riddance" to Rhett - a self-made man, financially independent and international business man who still has more time and money than he knows what to do with, well known ladies man, and fought to preserve his culture, traditions, and the sovereignty of his home and people. “Good riddance” to a man that married a woman who he knew was only marrying him for his money and lifting her out of poverty - a woman with no skill whatsoever. A terrible, rude woman who was bring nothing into the relationship but her vagina, she could not cook, she couldn’t clean... she couldn’t design a decent fucking dress... she was an attention whore that surrounded herself by good men trying to woo her but all she did was tease, tease, tease... until the Captain comes along to spank her and put her in her place and gives her the world after everything was taken from her... She did not appreciate anything he did for her and it just wasn’t good enough for her... “good riddance Rhett...” you should have known better... and he snapped out of his lovey-dovey dream and went back to banging babes from New Orleans to Paris.

Anonymous said...

Oh, a belated Happy Birthday to you. I thought of it after I had posted my comment---oh well. . . stranger things have happened. And, I made you laugh---my gift to you---the gift of laughter. Have you ever read the book??!!! Your comment is just plain silly .. .I'm not going to say dumb. . . however. I'm not one to put a mark on someone I've never met and never will.

And, don't say "tease, tease, tease." Scarlett didn't "tease." Instead she charmed, charmed, charmed.

Yes, I say "good riddance" to Rhett without a bit of regret---it could be the beginning of a poem. But, I wouldn't say I'm modern. I'm your age, really. This past November 1st was my 48th b-day. I'm a scorpio--if you follow the zodiac--which I don't. One thing . . . women today don't understand "charm" in all of its glory. Charm has really nothing to do with the color of a girl's eyes or hair or her background. She either has it or she doesn't. Charm can be learned but young women today are unwilling to spend time with their elders which is a shame. Charm is something I possess and, yes, I choose wisely. Women are meant to be adored, but many just don't know it, perhaps because they don't care to sit at the feet of and take instruction from those older and wiser than them.

But, again .. . have you read the book?!! Scarlett was a shrewd business woman. She was also a survivor--her best trait. She saved Melanie and her baby. Rhett admired her because of these traits. He liked a challenge and Scarlett was definitely a challenge, but in the end she was a little too much for him. Also, she wasn't the prettiest girl on the planet either. The very first line of the book: "Scarlett O’Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her charm as the Tarleton twins were." Scarlett possessed charm and Rhett couldn't resist it. I think Rhett died a lonely, bitter old man. His arms held many women, but it's always the one that got away--this is the one who haunts.

Although I never cared for Rhett, Clark Gable oh my!!! Now he was a man who possessed charm. It was Clark Gable who made Rhett so charming. Modern men today, much like modern women, don't understand charm either. Maybe that's why I like to watch old movies staring Gable, Grant, and Bogart.

Anonymous said...

I conclude therefore that, fortune being changeful and mankind steadfast in their ways, so long as the two are in agreement men are successful, but unsuccessful when they fall out. For my part I consider that it is better to be adventurous than cautious, because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to keep her under it is necessary to beat and ill-use her; and it is seen that she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous rather than by those who go to work more coldly. She is, therefore, always, woman-like, a lover of young men, because they are less cautious, more violent, and with more audacity command her.
~Niccolo Machiavelli


Bruno said...

"Fortune is a woman" - so true,
and fortune favors the bold.