Monday, February 27, 2017

life by candle light

He is not a wealthy man, not even close to being a rich man and there just wasn’t enough time for him to accumulate his fuck you money, but he lives a comfortable life - a simple life, and at his age - he is in his mid seventies, he has reached  the point of no tolerance for the modern world, that he has said "fuck off” and pulled the plug on the lights and has been living a life by candle light.

My Uncle - he is a cousin of my mothers and I call him an Uncle, lives in Mexico, he is retired living a humble life off of his savings and a small pension, in a little house with his dogs and a vegetable garden with chickens wandering about the way chickens do.  I speak with his sister, my favorite Aunt, regularly and she first told me of her brothers life style last year and I became fascinated by it as I have been myself looking for just the right land to run off to and live my life by candle light as well.  My Aunt told me - he got rid off all his light bulbs, radio and television and the only electricity is for running the fridge, the stove is gas but he cooks outside in the summer on a grill and when it gets cold he uses the stove. In his little yard he grows carrots, celery, tomatoes, green beans, and lettuce in wooden boxes filled with soil, he is also growing a lemon tree and there are the chickens. The dogs play in the little courtyard in front... she says the man is happy - they have another sister that wants to have him put into a home... there’s one in every family, my Aunt asked me what I would do and I said I would love to live like that and can’t wait to get the hell out of these cities I am in and build a cottage of my own and live that simple life... I said if the man is happy and healthy and no danger to any one or himself then leave him the hell alone  - he’s not insane - he’s better off than the rest of us... he rises with the sun and the sounds of the hens and does his morning exercises, takes the dogs out for a walk and comes home for his breakfast - eggs from his own chickens with some rice and tortillas and coffee - he has plans on building a small brick oven in a corner of the yard for baking fresh bread and meats. My Aunt agrees with me - her brother is happy and he deserves to live as he has chosen - when she told me how much money he spends I was really more surprised about that than anything else - his electric bill is (only for fridge) close to nothing, he purchases the gas tanks for the stove which he only uses a couple months out of the year, and to heat the water for his bath, dog food, rice beans and flour and corn and meat - every other day he walks down to the cantina for a drink with the boys and rousing conversation about why the Mexicans are so mad at Mr. Trump - they are old men who have no desire to leave Mexico and are of the opinion that if you are not in Mexico to Make Mexico Great Again then stay the fuck out.  He does not drink more than a couple of beers and a tequila maybe then he goes home.  He catches up on his reading until it gets dark and goes to bed early.  He eats out once every couple of weeks.  He has no one to support and no one supports him... once a week he walks to a market where they have a money transfer and telephones to talk to my Aunt... everyone around him knows he has simplified and is retired and others, who have the space, have begun to garden, mostly older folks - of course they are from a generation that knew tougher times - as for my uncle, he grew up on a poor man’s ranch and knows how to do with out luxuries such as light-bulbs, and air conditioning and heat (he does have a wood burning heater).  The biggest change I am told of in this aging gentleman, aside from his lack of concern for the problems of the modern world, is his new found confidence and self assurance that comes from being a self sufficient man - even at his age.

When The Lights Go Out

I have been preaching candle light for a while now - I am sure some of the people I have been corresponding with find it annoying - but I do it for a reason, it is to get you accustomed to as little grid energy as possible and more self dependance and discipline - yes, it takes discipline to go off grid.  As the world falls further into chaos the hardest fall may just be in the United States - the greatest country history has ever produced - the land that gave the world the greatest opportunities for wealth and comfort beyond your dreams. So much comfort that it has made the people weak and dependent on others to insure their safety, security and sustenance - no need for a garden when there is a produce market and restaurants of all kinds to cater to your glutenous desires. There is so much booze and drugs and entertainment in America one never has to think again as long as you have money for it - and even if you didn’t we have a welfare program to suit your needs in America. If anything happens - and it will never happen here, the government will take care of us - those preppers are just crazy people... well I have news for you - if you have not yet figured it out - your government is not going to be there to help you, and yeah, those preppers are crazy people because they think they can just walk away from the system when the system shuts down.  What is that system? It’s the corporate/government complex that requires the dependence of the masses in order to function... and lets be honest here, if you have any money invested in any company and you rely on that investment for your family  you need the wheels of the system to keep turning - I sure do... but big daddy told me not to keep all my eggs in one basket so you need to put some of it in precious metals and some of it in rice and beans... even if you just have a million dollars in an account accumulating interest that you live off of, you need the system... you can not walk away from it and all those do-gooders that preach about your carbon foot print and how much waste you produce by being here - the people that don’t do anything themselves to save the world but preach to others how they should live will not let you successfully walk away from the system - if you are one of the ones the system relies on to keep the wheels turning - hard working, blue collar, middle class, conservative traditionalist of  Christian values with a strong work ethic... yeah... you’re the ones keeping the wheels of the system oiled and spinning... you ain’t going anywhere... but a work camp for reeducation, if we have to we’ll bring in foreigners to do your job... but you, my friend, will not walk away from the system. You can’t even go completely off grid in a city - I have recently discovered while converting a house to solar power that first you need permission from the electric company and still you cannot be cut off completely from the grid and you cannot shut off your water - but if you do not pay that bill they will shut it off for you - that is strange - the only way to go completely off the grid is to go to a place where the land is so cheap and worthless that no one in their right mind would want to live there - but if you succeed in your efforts of building a sustainable life without the system then you can be fairly sure that a scenario much like that of the Branch Davidians of Waco Texas awaits you... because that, my delusional little friend, is what is called freedom... and America will have none of that... especially not in the eyes of the socialist do-gooder.

The lights will go out - it will come without a warning.  The men keeping the country and the system from totally collapsing - those hard working, blue collar, middle class, conservative traditionalist of  Christian values with a strong work ethic that I mentioned, will soon turn the lights off - these men that don’t have the time to march and protest because they have responsibilities and families to take care off... these men paying the bills and doing the heavy lifting are running out of money and patience and reasons to give a fuck about the system that turned their backs on them and allows the lazy, weak, and ungrateful to belittle them and degrade them for their beliefs and way of life... they struggle to provide a better life for their families as their fathers did in a country that wants them to give more and more while getting less in return.

The lights will go out... and it will come without a warning, but you are a man and you will not panic - your house is prepared, you have canned food and rice and beans, you have ammo and guns and bandages... toothpaste and handy wipes... you have water and you have candles... you have  solar panels enough to run a small refrigerator and lap top computer... you have a small garden and you have a tribe and your tribe has it’s own communications and resources.  When the lights go out you will be home protecting your family and your tribe while the rest of the country stumbles in the dark in chaos and they find out who the rapists are, the street gangs claim their territory and the blacks pillage the stores for big screen televisions, and the weak and scared unprepared masses loot the stores for left overs and they riot destroying property that could provide them refuge... you can only shake your head in silent confidence - before the sun comes up your tribe has secured a couple of neighborhoods and thrown the unproductive, no skills, worthless degenerates out into the world they wanted...

So please - for your own good, learn to enjoy the stillness of a life by candle light.

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Anonymous said...

I'm passing a little time so that's why I'm reading this. Life by candlelight---next to impossible if you have little ones. My girls are drawn to the flame. A few years ago we were without power for several days because of a hurricane. I used every candle I had. Wouldn't you know they were scented?!!! My bathroom smelled liked cinnamon rolls, my bedroom smelled like strawberries. I had a candle which smelled like pine trees and one which smelled like white linen and so forth. I had never used them all at once--never needed to.

And, the Amish have been living with no electricity for over a century or more. You can see them on tv driving horse carriages. I never got it. I love electricity and I'll use it as long as I have it.

dash deringer said...

@Anonymous - not close to impossible at all...

The light bulb has only been used for a little over a hundred years.

Living with my grandparents in Mexico we had no electricity - not in grandfathers house or any of the houses on his ranch - and they were homes full of children... many people around the world raise families without electricity... not close to impossible at all... hope you're at least healthy because that 'impossible' attitude won't do you any good when we turn off the lights.