Thursday, November 24, 2016

42 rules to live by

Rules to live by in no particular order but all of equal importance to me.  Stated plainly without defined reasons for them as they should be self explanatory and make perfect sense to the Legionnaire.

 1.   The Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

 2.   Be prepared.

 3.  Be self-reliant.

 4.   Be true to God.

 5.   Be true to yourself.

 6.   Respect yourself.

 7.   Have high standards of yourself and those around you.

 8.   Keep your word - and hold those around you to theirs.

 9.   Stand for something (believe in something greater than you).

10.   Have values.

11.   Define your morals.

12.   Live with Honor.

13.   Live with integrity.

14.   Never stop learning.

15.   Invest in yourself.

16.   Defend truth.

17.   Embrace tradition.

18.   Celebrate your culture.

19.   Protect your religion.

20.   Live without fear.

21.   Create.

22.   Live healthy - in body and mind.

23.   Have passion.

24.   Show compassion - to the needy.

25.   Define your own success and pursue it.

26.   Have a strong work ethic.

27.   Have a philosophy of life.

28.   Keep God close.

29.   Be faithful and true to your tribe.

30.   Indulge in nature.

31.   Enjoy solitude.

32.   Have dignity - and guard it well.

33.   Mind your own business.

34.   Journal.

35.   Find your true purpose in life - and live it.

36.   Fulfill your destiny.

37.   Live by a code of honor.

38.   Respect and honor the aged.

39.   Teach the young.

40.   Take responsibility for your life - your choices, and your mistakes.

41.   Live your life and love your woman, your children, your family, and your friends like there is no    tomorrow.    

42.   The No Bullshit Rule: “Life is too short for bullshit...”

art by 
Brent Lynch

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