Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The house my Grandfather built

Grandfather unloading the lumber for his house

I never knew this house that Grandfather built for his family
but I dream about it and I think of it when I plan out the 
house I will build one day... it is a simple yet elegant home...
simple... uncomplicated... and elegant... like the man that built it.

My Grand-Parents, Walter and Vivian renewing their wedding vows
July 1980... in my memories my Grandfather was always and old man.
Like my mothers father... they were old when the world was still young.

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Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful house. BTW, we're getting ready to build a house---discussed the plans today. We recently bought some land off of a small path and down another small path. It has lots of trees and it's across from a lake. I plan to tell them to build around the trees---save as many as possible. The roads (paths) really aren't wide enough for one car. When two cars pass, which rarely happens, each one must move to the side some. I like the quiet. I'm going to find it hard to wait until my house is built.