Friday, July 10, 2015

Good-night Sweet Dixie

1776 - 2015 

They Brought down this elegant symbol of 
sovereignty and freedom today in America...
Good-night sweet Dixie... good-night...

what next... are they going to outlaw the word "Dixie"?

May-be you're right Henry - noone wants freedom anymore...

days like today make me want to stop giving a fuck again
and go back to my pirate ways.


Unknown said...

Sadly, my friend, for all the ranting and hot air expended, when it comes down to it, all those who squawk loudly for their freedom often do the very least to defend it when the time comes. They sit and they watch them go, saying, 'next time it'll be different, next time we'll do something'. But next time never comes, and most freedoms die with barely a whimper. Most will not lift a finger to save themselves.

This actually seemed like a golden opportunity to make a stand - a symbol that really does mean a lot to a vast amount of people being stripped from them. A symbol to unite behind and take action. For all the outrageous injustices we are forced to suffer at the hands of government, very few affect us directly, or strike at the very core of our identity. Usually it is erosion around the fringes, that reasonable people could not justify violent action in response to. There is not breaking point when Government does this, it's just so effective and clever. But the flag? This was a glorious, once in a generation opportunity to make a stand behind something that is a core part of the identity of millions of people. But human nature being what it is, there was something good on TV, or the neighbours were going, so you really didn't need to.

The majority get the freedom they deserve. In truth, the majority do not want these freedoms anyway - they come with responsibilities, with hardship - they necessitate hard thinking and a process of self-education, and it is so much more comfortable just to sit and watch the latest episode of your favourite program.

This, really, goes to the core of why I'm not a joiner of things - the motivated are too few, too rare, to have the impact they need. The majority will support you and cheer you and then hang you out to dry when the time to stop bloviating and make a stand comes. They will always choose their comfortable, anesthetized lives.

For those of us who'd choose the harder path:

Hoist the black - liberty or death.


dash deringer said...

Damn Henry - you just killed my early morning buzz... what a downer... really...
but you are right - that was a golden opportunity to rise up... lately there have been many such opportunities... but nothing... you are right in many ways and life is always easier when I am only looking out for number one...

who needs a drink?

Anonymous said...

Not so fast!!! The governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, has refused to hold a special session on the flag issue. He's been pressured numerous times and he's not backing down. Unlike other sissy governors, i.e. Gov. Haley of SC. Lord have mercy!! She's an insult to women, her state, and the South and those who fought and died in the Civil War. Mississippi's flag--flown since 1894--has the rebel flag in the corner. We had a debate about the flag in 2001 and the people of MS overwhelmingly voted to keep our state flag. Gov. Bryant is standing by the people and the vote in 2001. Several states are threatening to remove our state flag from their display of state flags. So what! Not a peep out Gov. Bryant. They can do what they want but they're not us. Even at the US Capitol, the Dems are trying to pass a bill which would cause our flag to be removed from the display at the Capitol. Luckily, the bill is stalled in the House.

Still, crickets from Gov. Bryant. He said, if needed, the state flag would be discussed in January (beg. of next leg. session). Also, if needed, the people of MS would VOTE again. It's a sore spot for many. Many naysayers keep saying the legislature should vote and not the people. Everyone knows the majority would vote to keep our flag. Hell, we would love to vote and get it over with. If we agree on our flag again, I think a provision should be put in place so we don't have to vote every 15 years due to outside pressure!!!! ---I might paste this into my journal. Sorry this comment was so long. Feel free to take a nap, if needed.