Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why The Legion

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I only want a simple uncomplicated life… a little farm near the sea… some sheep… a few dogs… a fine family… that’s all really… I do not ask for much from the world… let me keep what I worked hard for and don’t force me to pay for things I neither want, need or believe in – even better. Don’t take away my beliefs – don’t criminalize me or label me an extremist or a terrorist for not wanting to give up my beliefs and my lifestyle and don’t force me to accept a perverted ideal… and we’ll get along great…
I am not a soldier. I am not a militant and I don’t want to go to war… I do not want to hurt anyone and I would rather not ever have to kill another man… but I am running out of places to hide away from the world to be simply just left alone and live my life on my terms… with my beliefs and my faith. I came to the realization a while back that the world wont just leave me alone and allow me to live as I chose to live without compromising the morals and values I have chosen to anchor my life with… and I am tired of running… I am tired of giving… I am tired of compromising to a minority group… I am tired and I am getting angry… I am a peaceful man… I can be a very gentle and kind man… but… my country has gone too far… the world has gone too far… and if I am to be the man I aspire to be… I must draw a line here and say – no more will I give away… no more of this filth can I take… no more will I compromise… this is my choice and I will stand by it…
I do not hide the fact that my past is colored by questionable activities… that was my past and I own it… I take responsibility for it and make no excuses for it… it happened… my journey here has been long and not always an easy one… and sometimes I have had to do things to eat and shelter myself that were dishonorable… I wish things could have been different but desperate men do desperate things… I have never asked for a hand out and I do not want one… I do not want to be taken care of and I do not want welfare… I want work… opportunities to make an honest living and keep what I have earned. I have admitted and will do so again – I have never been part of the solution to the problems of the world… and have no fear admitting that I have been a very big part of those problems… the biggest fault being not caring enough to do something… and this is the problem amongst many would be good men – they just don’t care enough and they are afraid… afraid of losing what they have… afraid of not being able to have the things they think they need… afraid of what the rest will say and think of them for not going along with the rest of the crowd… that was, I think until men like Simon, Head of our Legion, began writing for the common man, the disillusioned man, the jaded man… and we started talking and spreading our thoughts and ideas that now those that were afraid to speak up are coming to see that they are not alone… there is a brotherhood of men gathering that are willing to push back… to fight for what is ours – for the world we were robbed of and the chances that were taken from us… a better life that we all could have had today… we are not drafting men to our cause – they are coming together of their own free will… we are not forcing our beliefs on anyone – we have simply decided to keep what’s ours by force and to protect and stand at the side of those willing to help us to protect it.
I am not a NAZI like those who want to take away my beliefs. I am not a fascist like those that want to force their perversions on me. I am not an extremist because I want to live a simple uncomplicated life… and neither are the rest of the men joining our cause. All the men I have spoken to feel the same as I do and are all pretty much as the men Simon has described that he has spoken to… we want the simple things… to live our life on our terms with the morals and values we have chosen to anchor our lives by… to preserve the traditions of our faith and our cultures… to have a family and to create and build something better… the thunder you hear is the sound of men gathering… it is the sound of civilization crumbling… it is the sound of us tearing it down… and building it back up… it is the sound of our Legion.

Victor Vogt

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Unknown said...

Good stuff, Victor. I enjoyed this, and your most recent contribution to the Iron Legion's main page - enjoyed as much as it is possible to enjoy such a bleak prognosis!

Sadly I suspect you and Simon will be proven right, and that all this will come to a head within our lifetimes.