Friday, February 22, 2013

for my broken heart

for my friend Isabel
There’s an army of angels
at the edge of my bed
A choir of sailors
Belching chanteys in my head
And deep in the valley
A lonely wolf howls in pain
As the cold winter snow
Turns to cold winter rain...

There’s a legion of demons
Surrounding my room
A defiant sparrow
circles around the moon
And deep in the forest
The muses gather in the dark
To conjure up a love song
for my broken heart...

There’s a tribe of gypsies
dreaming ‘round a fire
The Santeria queen of the market
Brewing potions of desire
And down at the pier
A pirate sings to the sea
In Kyoto somebody -
Paints inspiration for me...

Legionnaires hum a ballad
In a slow march off to war
A cowboy rides the range
Until the stars shine no more
And deep in the desert
Before the morning starts
A shaman calls up his magic
For my broken heart...
ink and pencil
Victor Vogt


Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

un corazón roto es inservible... como el reloj parado en un tiempo viejo. Voy cosiendo con cuidado los trocitos de mi corazón y ("a Dios pongo por testigo") no dejaré que nadie vuelva a romperlo!!!
Muchas gracias por tu poema, es muy hermoso, amigo

dash deringer said...

con un corazon rompido - escribi estas poemas...

Que me perdonen todos los corazones que yo abandone...

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion . . .
the reference to the choir of sailors seems a little out place with the rest of stanza one. Angels, sailors, valley (maybe a sea ref. instead)

Follow Stanza two: demons, sparrow, forest.

nice rhyming