Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Up with the fire

How could you turn out to be so cruel
To leave me here waiting for you like a fool
I’m starting to think I was just a joke
And all of my dreams of you have gone up in smoke

How could you have taken the best part of me
And leave me here in sorrow for all eternity
I’m starting to think it was just a game
And all of my hopes of joy have gone up in flames

How could you do all the things that you did
And leave me in chaos where order once lived
I’m starting to think you were just a liar
And my visions of love went up with the fire

1 comment:

Chef E said...

How are you Dash? I like the stuff you have put up lately. I am trying not to comment on everything I see lately...but you know I love your stuff!

Have you ever had an erotic dream about someone that you casually know, but never would have ever thought they would be in a dream like that? It was a very 'real' situation...