Thursday, May 28, 2009

...everything for you... that you are for me...

I’ll write you poems until my soul bleeds
I’ll draw you kisses until all of Heaven falls to its knees
I’ll give you love like you’ve never had before
When you say you need my touch
I’ll come running back to give you more...

I’ll fight all the Dragons that Heaven may send
Hold your heart so tender when it unmends
I’ll find the words that no man has ever said
Don’t you know by now
I would go where angels fear to tread...

I’ll break into Heaven if that’s what I have to do
If I ever run out of words to give to you
And I know that paper hearts are all I’ll leave behind
And a curse on anyone who makes you cry
Because those tears are mine...

1 comment:

Chef E said...

:) beautiful as always my dear Dash...