Friday, June 9, 2017

a quick note and some drawings

Good friends and readers - after my last post here my computer got hit with something and stopped working, I am at the mercy of cyber cafés so if I owe you an e-mail or you are waiting for a response please be patient - I am still on the road in Mexico but heading back north for a bit - wont be getting a new computer of my own until I reach Juarez ans find something that I like - for the moment I do like not having to worry about carrying a computer but I do have to track my business and for that I need internet - however after all the problems I have had with my computers and the internet I may only be using my next computer for business only... but we'll see.

I have met some great people and have seen some beautiful places here in Mexico that I had never seen before and I had a chance to visit a little village not many people know about that is exactly what I want to build - it is all occupied by one family... amazing place... amazing tribe.

I am enjoying this trip of mine - I have lost twenty pounds - a few months back I gained weight - but I am eating little and walking much - only doing crunches and push ups in the mornings... was in a big city and I felt like I was back in the states but getting out into the country really does clear my mind - headed for a beach before I go back north... and maybe do some sailing if my friend is there.

Until I have something more important to post... good luck.

 pages from The Book of Unfinished Faces - part ll

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