Sunday, May 7, 2017

A new chapter

(random thoughts that might all be connected)

I once went on a quest for the Holy Grail...

Foolish - some told me, but it was a call I could not deny... and it came at a point in my life when I was, I had been told, not a good person - though I do believe I have it in me to be worse than what those people said I was then. That journey turned into a quest for the Holy name of God - and it is one very important part of my involvement in the occult and certain brotherhoods, another reason was my need to learn and understand certain things that I was going through at the time (and still do to this day), and one group offered answers and enlightenment.  Curious and having nothing to lose in those days I took them up on their offer.

I do not speak of this part of my life with others, mainly because the conversation takes a turn to crazy-ville... and very few people (who have not experienced that world) will understand you and what you are talking about.  But still... my life does get crazy, wether I want it or not, when I step out of the confines of the peace and serenity I create for myself in the places I call home.  The chaos and the madness of the modern world drove me to want to isolate myself in solitude and simplicity... but the modern world wants me to be as miserable and angry as the rest and it wishes to take away my beliefs and replace it with the complete opposite of what I know to be right and true, it wishes to replace my God with its false idols and crush my dreams, my mind and my soul - that I will be nothing more than a weak, mindless consumer kneeling before the state for my privileges. 

Friends, I have embarked on a new quest - a quest for true believers.  I have been called upon by destiny, as other men have today, to create an order of men that will preserve the traditions of their people, their culture and  Christianity.  For the last  couple of years several groups have formed through out Europe and America and they have placed the call on-line for other men to find them and join their cause - some of these groups have come and gone off-line without warning or explanation... I am not a member of any of these groups - I have no affiliation or association with anyone.  As for my own order, I am currently on a wandering journey in search of the right men and families to join my quest of the preservation of our European traditions and the restoration of a more natural order to the world - and God willing, the formation (or restoration) of a new monarchy with a strong Christian leader not afraid to push back the heathen horde and crush the filth that is the modern world.  I will release more information at a later time.

This post was mostly to answer e-mails about my “cryptic” (as one put it) last post.

I am of mixed cultures and of mixed races - not of my own choice, I was born like this... had God allowed me to chose, I would have been born into an old and proud culture of strong traditions and beliefs - Like Japanese or Russian.  It was not easy for me to leave my country behind as a boy and adopt a new culture - especially because no one explained anything to me - it just happened... I became an American and lost all of what was in me that I could call Mexican - as for my European roots from my Father (who comes from French and German stock), I never really knew... as I got into my thirties I began to embrace my past - the cultures and traditions of my peoples - of where I come from... their legends and stories and myths and all their eccentric ways and beliefs... the music and dances and foods... everything from everywhere - I cannot get enough... but because I am mixed, raised in America, the white European side of me has had more of an influence in my life... however, being back in Mexico and South America, I feel more at home there - because I am Mexican - I was born here... I belong here... I am not Japanese nor am I a Russian - but what wonderful countries they have.

Being part of certain secret groups you will come to realize that all of these groups are really one big group - they are all the same and you will find that many members of one group are members in another... they have the same rituals and the same structure and the same leaders - and many of these members are elected leaders of many nations around the world - membership has its privileges... it is the truth.  Another truth you will have to come to terms with is that not too many events happen in the world that have not been planned and carefully orchestrated by these groups - wars, revolutions, mass migrations, famine, disease, currency manipulations... elections... feminism... cultural Marxism...  Get the idea?

Conspiracy theory... go find out the hard way - President Trump sure as hell did take a turn that came out of nowhere that has left many scratching their heads in confusion and anger... but has suddenly become mister wonderful with the MSM that was out to destroy him - war will do that... more money for Planned Parenthood, more money for Sanctuary Cities... Make America Great Again... I don’t think so - war! And where will the money come from... the men to fight these wars?

Are you afraid of The North Koreans? I am not - but already the Government has started to tell us that the North Koreans are four years closer to making a weapon that will destroy us... for the last thirty years the U.S. has been telling us that Iran is four years closer to a nuclear weapon... Iran has no privately owned central bank by the way - neither does N. Korea or Syria... and neither did Libya... but that could just be a coincidence... right? 

Japan.  Japan has always been an Isolationist country and only opened itself up to trade with the West when a fleet of American ships led by Commodore Matthew Perry of the United States Navy where sent to blow the hell out of the country in 1853.  Some would say that this was the beginning of the struggle for the Japanese people to retain their culture and traditions and identity.  The Empire of Japan in the Twentieth Century wished to be recognized as an important world power - which it was, but had the threat of an unstable China and Communist Russia very close to the west of them - if they were to protect themselves and expand their influence as a world power they had to go on the offensive...

(Taken from
With this background we return to WW II . After Germany knocked out France and invaded Russia, the Japanese took over the Indo-chinese ports which had been supplying the Chinese resistance from Vichy France in July 1941. On 25th July 1941 Roosevelt froze Japanese assets in America & imposed a trade embargo on Japan. This was followed by Britain and the Dutch government in exile. As a result the supply of oil from Dutch East Indies to Japan was cut off and an economic war was in effect declared against Japan.

The situation for Japan was desperate. To secure her oil supply Japan had to librate Indonesia  . To reach the Dutch East Indies she had to roll from Indo-China through Thailand and British  Malaysia to knock out the island fortress of Singapore  while moving her naval forces through the South China Sea . To secure her navy from American attack from Phillipines she had to secure the Phillipines. Finally to secure China & establish the East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere as the British had established their empire with India as the crown jewel, Japan had to liberate Burma & cut of the last remaining supply route to China. Before embarking on this desperate course Japan made a bid  for peace  .

On 20th October 1941 Japan proposed to the US of A that America lift it's embargo on trade, supply Japan  with oil & stop assisting China in line with it's policy towards the British empire.

America, the chief financeer & profiteer of WW II, however, saw an endless road to prosperity in widening the war. Roosevelt turned a deaf ear to Japan's appeal & moved the US navy to Pearl Harbour.  Thus when Japan attacked on 7th December 1941, the vital aircraft carriers were at sea & the useless battleships stacked neatly at Pearl Harbour to be sunk & thus outrage the American people into supporting the greatest conflict the world has seen.

The United States dropped a couple of bombs on civilians and the Japanese surrender to General MacArthur.  Their Constitution was rewritten by foreigners and they were given a new tax system designed to drain them of money to pay for reparations and they were given a new privately owned central bank to make sure they become debt slaves like Americans... but Japan endures like no other nation, though their birth rate is falling and the men are becoming alarmingly feminized  - they hold on to their culture and traditions in defiance of the rest of the world. 

Russia.  Russia  was already a communist nation when the second world war began - and history tells us that Germany invaded Poland to push back the communists.  Germany, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler had become the most technologically advanced country in the world, it embraced their culture and traditions and race with a burning passion that has not really been seen since in other nations and people. Though I have yet to see any actual proof of a “holocaust”,  history tells us that though there were not six million Jews in Europe at the time - the German’s put six million Jews to death and that same history tries to convince the world that The United States entered the war in Europe to stop the Germans from creating a Fascist Empire that would rival any other empire the world has ever known and that the world today is better off without it.  During that war the biggest alley the United States had and the country and people they were actually there to protect from the Germans were the Soviets - Communist Russia... yes, the very people who became the biggest enemy of the United States immediately following that war... and the most protected people in the world became the Jews that made their new home in Palestine - or Israel as some call it today... 

So protected is Israel today that any one wanting to boycott that nation or even dares to question it’s policies will be vilified as racist NAZI’s and might have to face the forces of the United States who will come to “liberate” your country for doing so. - because the Jewish people, we are constantly told, are the victims of the world and of course, the United States being the police force of the world must protect the victim... whatever... Germany today is suffering from a very bad case of white guilt, and all that pride of the National Socialist Reich has faded away and the Germans seem to be determined to commit cultural suicide at an impressive velocity... The Soviet Union, by some miracle or accident, fell apart over night with out a revolution and absolutely no resistance - though some chaos did follow as is expected in the rebuilding of a nation.   Russians today have rebuilt their churches and revived their traditions and embraced their culture and seem to be heading in the direction of a people destined for greatness - the government has blocked pornography sites from the internet and has made it a crime to promote homosexual behavior in front of children, they promote Christianity and even give awards to recognize big traditional Russian families.  They are even coming to the defense of countries the United States wished to impose it’s form of democracy on.  I have a soft spot for Russia and not just for the woman or because I get massive views from the country, but how they have turned the country around is impressive and to be admired - their promotion of Christianity and traditional families has my stamp of approval - for what it’s worth.

So what does all of this have to do with me - well... knowing what I know and seeing what I have seen, it is just a matter of time before social justice do-gooders invade Mexico and try to take away the traditions of my people and stomp out our cultural pride - why would they do that you ask - because all the traditions that the world associates with Mexico were given to us by Europeans.  Mexicans fought the socialist to save Christianity once already - we will do it again...

A while back I was doing research into the history of the Patagonia region when I began to come across stories of giants that dwelt there long ago, so I began to look into that when I came across the works of this man Robert Sepehr - a soft spoken researcher who tells a good story (might he be following in the footsteps of Joseph Campbell?) and has a subtle way of connecting the dots in front of him given the crumbs history leaves behind for us.  His audience is growing since I first found his videos and some may find some of what he talks about to be far out there - but I myself can be pretty far out there too... either way if some of his videos do not inspire you to want to preserve your culture and the traditions of your people, then my friend, you might as well join the other side.

I want to share this video of his with my visitors - that it may inspire you to seek the truth.  For a very long time I have read everything I can get my hands on about the German people especially if it pertains to the era of the second world war - I am more than fascinated by it... in Mr. Sepehr’s videos, if you care to go through them on his youtube channel, you will see that lately the Swastika seems to play a big role in them.  The Swastika is an ancient symbol that may be of celestial origins and can be found through out history all over the world - even in Ancient Mexico in the Aztec and Mayan cultures. But this symbol has been demonized and banned in many places - I for one am very interested to find out why that is.

The time is near my friends - build your tribe and chose a side.

The Russian awakening - Robert Sepehr.

The state of Fracne today:

These days I can only believe what is in my heart and I can only find truth in what my soul tells me... and I have concluded that democracy does not work, socialism only leads to anger and hatred and greed and the people with the strongest traditional families that fight to protect their culture and preserve their traditions will always be a force to reckon with... Islam is not a religion of peace and Allah is not the Holy name of the one true God... remember my quest for the Holy name of God... that quest will take some men to Egypt (Egypt sucks by the way).  When it came time for me to stand in the water and receive the name of my creator I declined to follow through - for that was too much responsibility for me at that time - it requires the preservation of tradition. And I knew then that I still had much to learn and much more of the material world I had to learn to let go of... that is a story (that will piss off a lot of people) - for another time.


Anonymous said...

"The chaos and the madness of the modern world drove me to want to isolate myself in solitude and simplicity."

Me too. But there are many that love the chaos and madness. I just wish that they would let me live my life. But they won't. They never will. They insist that we applaud their sickness. Dostoyevsky wrote that beauty will save the world. And beauty is what world is working to destroy. Not just art, but the family, man/woman relations, the church, law. It is necessary to quarantine ourselves, not as atomistic individuals, rather as communities. Patriarchal communities made of extended families. But we must form larger social structures too.

"the formation (or restoration) of a new monarchy with a strong Christian leader "

And a restoration of the symbiosis of the state and the church. Which means a state religion. Just as democracy has failed, so has freedom of religion.

As a watered down and fractured Christianity has been detrimental, the same is true of a Monarchy. A monarchy is to be absolute, not a constitutional monarchy with an antagonistic parliament that will eventually want power for itself at the expense of the Monarch.

This will be difficult to swallow for those who are seeped in the modern mythos of democracy from childhood. Yet it is that mythos that has created the madness we see about us today.

Just as there needs to be the restoration of monarchy, we need a restoration to right living. Return to the cycle of the seasons. Return to the village. Be a part of a community. Be a part of a Church. Be tied to the land. Put down roots.

Lastly, this is a long term project. I expect that it will take two or three generations at the very least.

End comment.

I found you originally on the Iron Legion blog almost two years ago. I've been reading your blog since then.

Best of luck,

dash deringer said...

Jackson - I agree with everything you said - that may be the only way.

and I thank you for your views and for your comment. do not lose hope, the dragons are coming...