Friday, December 4, 2015

Feminism - the great shit test

A Theory by Victor L. Vogt
I actually wrote this about a month ago as a comment somewhere that I can no longer remember where - but it got lengthy and I just filed it away, but a couple of days ago other comments and articles inspired me to post it

It’s just a theory, but I base  it on personal experience and observation on the behavior of these so called “feminists”.  The theory is simple and goes like this - when the generation of men before mine dropped the ball and allowed women their “liberation from oppression” they thought they were getting a good deal, because now they could have sex with all these loose women and not have to marry any one of them, now that they were giving the sex away, and the women, not sure of their freedom from oppression, family and children, got together to see just how much shit they could get away with... just how much would the men put up with in exchange for free no commitment sex.  Women, being as God and nature made them, are followers, they need to be led.  They follow the hive and they follow their man... it’s just the way they are. They will believe just about anything another woman tells them and everything they read in their women’s magazines and very few women will say anything that goes against the teaching and the preaching of the hive for fear of having the hive turn against them - even if they claim to not be part of the “feminist” group, and they will apologize quickly if they should offend the beliefs of the hive. Because women  need to be led  or chaos fills their lives they look for men that will not play their game and are not afraid to put boundaries on them and not afraid to punish them when they step out of line.  This is the great shit test - Western women are waiting for the men to man up and take control of them.

The chaos that followed the liberation of the women - deviant sexual behavior, abortion, single mothers, divorce, boys growing up without fathers and turning to crime and homosexuality in search of male approval, and the complete lack of morals and responsibility... is not what women want, and it never was, they came to the conclusion a long time ago that equality between the sexes was not going to work and all this time they have been waiting for the men to dominate them as our grand fathers and their fathers did.  The women do not want to be on medication to get through their anxiety filled days of liberation and debt accumulation. Women do not feel that their lives are fulfilled working outside of their home for corporate bosses that don’t give a damn about them - whose only thought of the female work staff is making sure they are not offended by anyone so they won’t get sued. I do not know any man working a nine to five job that finds it fulfilling and life affirming - don’t try to convince me that women do.  Women do not want to be responsible - for anything, but they don’t want the men to just let them get away with it, they want stability and security and they cannot provide that for themselves. 

This little theory is the only way I can make sense of the fact that I have not heard a peep from the liberal feminist about the invasion of the western world by third world immigrant Muslims raping and taking all they want - especially in Sweden, once a beautiful first world Western country now reduced to the rape capital of the world... and if you even mention the raping by all the third worlders... you are immediately attacked by those on the left as being an intolerant racist.  In  America the media goes crazy about rapes that never actually happen - but no one is losing their minds over the women and young girls being brutally beaten and raped, in the open, on the streets, in broad daylight. And the men in Sweden seem to be so broken that they wont raise their voices or their fist out of fear - no, the women definitely do not want the broken Swedish men. White women want to get hate fucked by a third world nigger that does not give a damn about her and she will love every minute of it - because while he has her, he will dominate her, and fuck the stupid out of her... and she wants to be dominated by a man more than anything. 
That’s my theory...

The women - these feminist women will silence anyone on their side that mentions the rape of Europe in order to keep the flow of Muslim men into their countries and in hopes that what is happening there will happen in the States... their true agenda is the importation of men that are not afraid to dominate and put the women back in their place, this is what the woman want - it has nothing to do with multi-culturalism or asylum seekers... it is about finding men to replace the broken, feminized, frightened man-boys they created... they don’t want them - they want men.

Western women want jerks... they go crazy for ass-holes that treat them like stupid whores... hey, I can’t explain it and I don’t understand it but it is what I have observed all my life in the United States... since I was a young boy I knew the truth that girls like bad boys... they like the jerks... they love the ass hole that doesn’t give a fuck about the world and does as he pleases and treats his woman like nothing more than a tramp... but... girls always tell you be nice and to just be yourself and treat a girl like a princes and that one day you’ll find the right one that will fall in love with you... buy her stuff... take her out to a nice expensive dinner... you’ve all heard the same bull-shit... an it was all a lie... The United States is a country filled with nice guys... that will never get laid... because to western woman that is creepy - what ever the fuck they mean by that... but it is not creepy to treat her like garbage... she will eat that shit right out of your hands... but there are very few men in the west that actually care so little that they will treat women in such a way... mostly out of fear of how the women will react - but the women will never tell the men what they actually want - most women are so confused by all the propaganda they are fed that they have no idea how to act naturally as women and allow their natural instincts to lead them... does it make sense that women listen to homosexual men on how to dress and attract men... how does a fag know what a real man wants in a woman?

Women are not going to get together as a group and admit that feminism was a bad idea.  Women need to have the last word and will not say that they are wrong - this is an argument that will get men nowhere... so instead of admitting that it was a bad idea they will bring in men from cultures that are not afraid to fix the mistake of liberating the women... these men will kill the fags... and the women will not say a thing about it... because they actually hate and despise homosexual men deep down in their hearts and souls - they know homosexuality is as much of the problem as their feminism is... they want strong men to come in and replace the week church that helped sell them the great con and weakened the men...

I myself can be very nice and gentle and caring... but when it’s time to get laid... I switch alters and go out and find a woman dressed like a cheap whore and acting like the world biggest attention hungry slut... and I treat her exactly the way she is acting... like a cheap worthless whore... and the shit works... (he shrugs his shoulders in disbelief...)

I have lost two women in my life to Arab men... I have lost women to macho jerks that treated them badly... women that I myself tried to be dominant with... but for me it never worked... I just could not pull off that kind of attitude... until... I actually stopped giving a damn about them and became indifferent to their presence and stopped worrying about their opinion of me... I started to fuck women like there was no tomorrow not giving a damn about her pleasure - just taking what I want how I want it... and they came back for more... women would show up at my place uninvited - they were there for sex... they weren’t going to cook for me or clean for me... they were not there to inspire me or motivate me and they sure as hell were not there to hear my problems... they were there to get fucked... fuck them well enough and greedily.. And they were bringing take out for my having to stop and pleasure myself with them... talk down to them and let them know that they are simply in rotation and can be replaced... and they begin to clean up a little and start working hard for my attention... what attention... exactly... I have made women sleep on the floor... I have thrown them out immediately after sex... I have rejected women after undressing them and finding out they have tattoos... and they come back for more... but when it is over... I reverse my alter and go back to being that simple solitary man that wishes he could find a nice traditional girl to settle down with... it is that easy for me now... the secret is to actually not give a damn about what she thinks... and just dominate her...

Here is something that I have learned from American women - If she starts acting like a thirteen year old girl in front of you to get your attention - she genuinely likes you, she has had to revert back to her innocence before all the garbage of the modern world filled her head... she likes you but has no clue of how to express it as a woman (and not come off as a slut ) other than to act like a thirteen year old girl with a crush on the older cool kid from the neighborhood... then you have to treat her as she is acting... that is what she wants... she wants those days of knowing what she can and cannot get away with... she wants a daddy to tell her when she has to be home... to do her chores... get her homework done... when to go to bed and when to get up... she wants a daddy to let her know what she can wear out and how to behave... who she can hang-out with... and who she cannot... that is what women really want and that is why they act like children... that is what they want... they do not want to be responsible... why do you think the welfare state is such a success... the women don’t have to take responsibility for anything.  So when the Muslim man shows up... and they have milked the welfare state dry... what do you think is going to happen?

All women want a strong confidant gentleman... at least they do everywhere outside the “western world”, there, they have no use for gentlemen... for a western girl, romance is giving a stranger a blowjob in the bathroom... or an alley... they will fall to their knees for a man that does not give a damn about her and does not put her on a pedestal... but for the man that dominates her and puts boundaries on her - she will become daddies little girl.

I am more and more convinced that America is not worth saving and the best thing to do is to tear it down and rebuild... the woman are definitely not worth the trouble... for me they have become nothing more than play things... I know... that is not helping to solve the problem... and I have admitted that I never was part of the solution - but I want to be... so I write this for young men to find and learn from... other men are coming... strong men... brave men... men that will trample your culture to dust because you will not protect and embrace it... men are coming to crush your church because you would not throw out the heretics that have taken over... men are coming to bury your traditions because you will not live by them and pass them down... and they are coming for your women because you are too afraid to dominate them and take away their ‘liberation’...  I gotta call it as I see it... America is not worth saving... we have gone too far and if we continue down this road we will only face the same out come as Sodom and Gomorrah... it would be best if we tear it all down before God does... as for me... I would rather go back to where I came from and protect and respect the women who want to preserve their culture and their traditions and their honor... where the men are respected for the preservation of their families and dignity and church... the whole world has not gone completely to hell... just a small part of it... but that small part gave us wonderful things... it did amazing things... what else could it do if we save it?

This is just a theory and it is based on my personal observations and experiences... and I could be wrong... but until I am proven wrong and I see behavior from the women that says other wise... I’m running with it.

Good luck fellas...


Jeimmortal said...

It's all very sad. Jews have done this to us. They know who they are and they know who we are, but we don't know who we are and we don't know who they are, or how they operate, or what their agenda is. Every subversive "movement" was instigated by Jews to destroy our culture and our civilization, especially the feminist "movement" which was to destroy our relationships with our men and destroy our families. Their main target was WHITES and WHITE civilization. Any other victims were just gravy to add to their chaos. I can somewhat understand your position, but reading what you said made me very sad that we let ourselves be altered from our highest potential of character to be their tools and their victims. I'm a victim of their propaganda too and can't help but feel this world could and would be paradise without their evil machinations to ruin life for everyone on the planet and to enslave humanity.

dash deringer said...

Jeimmortal -

"Jews have done this to us."

and... "can't help but feel this world could and would be paradise without their evil machinations to ruin life for everyone on the planet and to enslave humanity."

That seems to be the sad truth... but know you know... so what are you going to do?