Saturday, November 22, 2014

Random Designs - ink patterns

My friend Isabel has inspired my once more... she is an unsuspecting muse, for she always says something or posts something that triggers something in me to either write something or post something of my own - her latest post, some wonderful photos of the University of Salamanca contain pictures of ornamental pattern work on the buildings - view the photos here.

I thought I would share some random pattern designs that I draw while I am waiting on others to finish their work so that I may finish mine... some I draw while I am waiting on trains and buses and planes... and while I am on route to here or there... most never get finished and some take quite a long time to complete... whenever I get back to them... but mostly I make them because they calm me... it is quite meditative... Thanks Isabel... again...

 rites of passage




 reborn from the fire

tomorrow morning - when I get to the studio I will post more patterns...

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