Saturday, November 24, 2012

If I could be the one...

If I could be the one you’re dreaming of
Would you believe me then if I said it was love
If I could be the voice you need to hear
Would you eat my laughter as I drank your tears
If everything you say about me is true
Then why is hard not to be with you
And if I could be the man I wish I could be
Would it change the way you think of me
Or would you leave me lost in this fantasy...

If I was the one who held the key
Would I unlock your heart and set the rest of you free
If I had the strength to look inside
Would I understand all the things I find
But if I had to chose between lovers and friends
I’d take the easier heart to mend
Because I know I don’t have the strength to hold you
The way you need to be held
Don’t think I ever told
I don’t want to be free from this spell...

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