Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Ballad of Star Chaser

I was the angel of thunder
When the world was young
I fell from Heaven like a snow flake
Trying not to hit the sun...
Became a pirate on the Marauder 
And I conquered the seven seas
And on the shores of India
I caught love's disease...

I was  the poet warrior
I conquered Heaven for my kings
But loves desperation
Brought me to my knees...
I crossed the fires of midnight
To mend a broken heart
But found an island of mad men
Stumbling in the dark...

I was prince of the city
Where all kings are crowned
But the sound of her heart beating
Is the curse that brought me down...
I can still hear them laughing
From the deepest parts of hell
To never let me forget
How the great Star Chaser fell...

I am the story teller...
Each night I ask the stars above
To give me strength to last forever
Until I’m with the one I love...
Her kiss I cannot forget
For I crumbled like a man 
My lust knows no regret
I'll find my Heaven once again...
Illustration by Victor Vogt for the "The Barrons Of Celica"

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