Saturday, November 5, 2011

How Can I Give You Love?

How can I hold you in these arms
After I’ve beaten and broken your heart?
How can I protect you when I’m under attack?
After I’ve let you down - why would you want me back?
How can I give you love - If it’s something I’ve never known?
After I’ve shattered your dream - we both end up alone...

How can I promise you’re the only one?
When the night disappears I’ll be back on the run
How can I promise this time it’s real
When this heart of mine has forgotten how to feel?
How can I give you love - when I’ve got nothing left to give?
After I’ve taken every bit of you - How we both gonna live...

How can I give you a life I have squandered?
Alone in this world - you know I have wandered
How long have I waited to taste your kiss?
Only to end up in a moment like this
So how can I give you love - when I don’t even know how to trust?
After I’ve conquered your mind and your soul - all that is left will be dust...

Victor Vogt - as real as Dash Deringer
Photo by: Lorena M.


eMi said...

A beautiful song... full of words.

dash deringer said...

- I'm so glad you found it's rhythm... this is the result of three bottles of wine and a very long night... I didn't think sober people would catch it... but since the readers of The Deringer Files are made of strong magic... I'm not surprised....

eMi said...

Big kiss for you!