Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The poems I wrote in Berlin

I didn’t keep any letters that Elsa wrote me
I didn’t keep any poems that I wrote in Berlin
I threw away the photos - of the girl from Mexico City
I have thrown away enough love to keep all the stars burning...

I didn’t mean to break all the hearts I have broken
I didn’t have to draw her eyes in every hotel room wall
I should not have snuck out in the dark - with all the kisses I’ve stolen
I do wish I hadn’t made all those drunken telephone calls...

I didn’t find Samantha waiting for me in Monte Carlo
I don’t know who I made love to - the night I spent in Stockholm
I didn’t keep the promise I made to Katerina in Morocco
I don’t know why it took eleven years just to get back home...

I threw away the ticket to get me back to Paris
I threw away Sofia’s phone number on the boat out of Singapore
I don’t know if I’ll ever learn what true love is
I know I’ll never throw away any love letters anymore...


Chef E said...

Like the Berlin chronicles...

Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

Hay muchas cosas que no hacemos, que se quedan en el camino... apura el día, mi amigo, el pasado ya no existe, solo son recuerdos en nuestra cabeza.
Buen día

eMi said...

Don't. Don't throw letters anymore.

That was beautiful. Sorry I don't comment, but you know I read you, don't you?