Sunday, January 9, 2011

These poems…

These poems are simple - they’re not hard to understand
just tales of reckless passion from a reckless romantic man
there is no code to decipher - nothing hidden between the lines
just a heart that’s been tossed around the bar too many times.

These poems wont haunt you - you’ll forget they are here
just like you will forget that I wrote them with my tears
and like all of the kisses - I squandered in the night
these silly words will be forgotten in the morning light.

These poems wont linger - not in any memory
there’ll be nothing you’ll hold on to - to remember me
and when they find my naked body - cold and dead on the floor
in the arms of some fifteen year old Moroccan whore...

These poems I will scribble - onto the crumbling wall
for the ghosts of love abandoned that occupy the hall
love’s a dangerous language - is the lesson I did learn
These poems are the evidence - and in hell alone I’ll burn...

The Great Poet

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