Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Seduction of Rebecca

This isn't the poem I intended to write
These aren’t the words I charmed out of the night
And all of the whispers I left in your bed...
They’re a poor substitute for the dreams trapped in my head

And all the caresses and all of the sighs
And all of the kisses I tattooed on your thighs...
They’re a cheap imitation of the love you require
But it’s the magic I use to conjure up your desire

This isn’t the way I thought the night would unfold
Is this moment in time for us to posses and to hold?
And all of those angels jumping off the moon...
Commit suicide like the demons in your room

And all of the hearts beating like drums in the rain
And all of those lonely people in search of the passion and pain
They’ll hunger all their lives but never find...
A seduction so sweet - as the one that’s going to make you mine...

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