Saturday, February 20, 2010

I believe...

I believe in magic and wishing on a star
I believe you can lose yourself if you don’t know who you are
I believe in miracles, I believe all dreams come true
I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for me and you

I believe every road I take will lead me to my destiny
I believe one day I will become the man I am meant to be
I believe John Lennon and Elvis sing in a Heavenly choir
I believe you have to live and love with a burning desire

I believe you learn what you’re made of when the times get tough
I believe we can change the world if we all love enough
I believe in truth and honor and I believe in rock ‘n’ roll
I believe in living free and listening to your soul

I believe Atlantis lies at the bottom of the sea
I believe my broken heart has almost forgiven me
I believe the time has come to fall on our knees and pray
And I believe I’ll find the missing piece of my life someday...


Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

I are a GREAT POET, my friend!!!!

dash deringer said...

I believe you are right... I'm not going to be humble today...

Isabel Martínez Rossy said...

Así me gusta, que me des la razón!!!! ;)